2024 Top-10 fantasy football rookies

Detroit and rookie teams were seeded in the NFL Draft after seven rounds. With the exception of a few free agents who have not yet arrived, the roster is relatively set. How did this draft compare to last season?


An NFL-record six quarterbacks were selected among the first twelve picks and then none were selected until pick 5.15 for another record gap. Fury over selecting signal callers suggests it could be a challenge for the famous 1983 class. But in 2021, five of the first 15 selections were taken and three years later, only trevor lawrence There’s still one starter from that entire draft class. This set of quarterbacks is expected to reshape the landscape of the NFL within a few years. Or just be 2021 again.

run behind

Drafted RB - 1

Fantasy football loves rookie running backs. It’s about the end of affection for a position that continues to be devalued despite their contributions each season. A new NFL record was set then jonathan brooks Was eliminated in the first two rounds. And he’s fresh off a torn ACL six months ago. This was considered a weak class and the NFL treated it as if they were simply adding special teamers rather than every-down contributors.

tight end

Drafted TE - 3
brock bowers Case’s only realistic fantasy hope is for a rookie tight end. Only two tight ends were selected by the fourth round which was an indication that the position had minimal importance for 2024 outside of Bowers. he is Sam Laporta In this draft.

wide receiver

Drafted WR - 5
There was considerable interest in pass-happy wide receivers for the NFL. The seven taken in Round 1 equaled the record set in 2004. Three wideouts went over the first nine picks and there is a lot of optimism about the first dozen selected. Marvin Harrison Jr., malik nabors And Keon Coleman Landed at spots where there is immediate opportunity to become a No. 1 wideout.

Overall, the draft was weak at running back but featured a ton of talented youngsters in the passing game.

Top 10 Fantasy Beginners

  1. wr Marvin Harrison Jr.Ohio State
    Arizona Cardinals 1.04, 6-3, 209 pounds, 4.35 estimated 40-time

    Funny, the top fantasy rookie is usually a running back but that’s changed this year. Harrison brings the complete elite package to Arizona as the next best wideout Michael Wilson, The rookie has minimal competition for targets and quarterbacks. kyler murray Joe is capable of a 4,000-yard season. The top wideout lands in perhaps the most advantageous position for any receiver.
  2. RB jonathan brookstexas
    carolina panthers 2.14, 6-0, 216 pounds, 4.45 estimated 40 times
    Fantasy loves novice runners, and for good reason. Brooks was the only back taken in the first two rounds. He was a first-round grade but suffered a torn ACL last November. Hopefully he will be healthy for training camp and join the rebuild as the Panthers’ clear primary running back.
  3. wr Keon ColemanFlorida State
    buffalo bill 6-3, 213 pounds 4.61 40-time

    The former Seminole was only the eighth wideout drafted, but like Harrison, the Bills have hit an ideal spot with rebuilding their receivers and should become their No. 1 wideout soon if not immediately. The Bills lost 241 receptions from last year stefon diggs And gabe davis Went. Not a burner, but Coleman should become an instant possession receiver and a friend in the end zone.
  4. WR Brian Thomas, LSU
    jacksonville jaguars 1.23, 6-3, 209 pounds, 4.33 40-time
    Jaguars needed to replace former No. 1 wideout calvin ridley And let’s turn to the speedy Fighting Tiger, who led the nation in points scored with 17 last year. He will come back to number 2 Christian Kirk And expect to become number 1 as soon as possible. paired with a healthy trevor lawrence Must prepare fantasy starter stats.
  5. RB trey bensonFlorida State
    Arizona Cardinals 3.02, 6-0, 216 pounds, 4.39 40-time

    While Benson isn’t an immediate starter, he joins an improved Cardinals team that has been relying on james conner For three seasons with mostly mediocre results. Connor is in his final contract year and Benson brings a much-needed speed element to the backfield. Connor is a 233-pound power back who always misses a few games. Benson will contribute from Day 1, step into the role if Connor gets injured again and aim to be the primary forward by 2025.
  6. wr malik naborsLSU
    New York Giants 1.06, 6-0, 200 pounds, 4.35 40-bar

    There’s no argument that Nabors is an elite talent that any team would benefit from utilizing. He said, five years old Daniel Jones Has produced zero 1,000-yard wideouts. Nabors drew the short straw and suffered the pain of being so good that he was available to even the worst teams. Nabors will likely improve in the Giants, but he’s landed in a spot that has historically been NFL Siberia for wide receivers.
  7. cubby jayden danielsLSU
    Washington Commanders6-3, 210 pounds, 4.35 40-time

    CJ Stroud He was the rare rookie quarterback who became a fantasy starter. And Caleb Williams The standard was a 1.01 pick with ridiculous skill and proven production. But Daniels arrived in Washington, where the offense was upgraded and Daniels was the premier running back quarterback in this draft. This is huge as a rookie who otherwise has to learn to read NFL defenses and keep up with his receivers. Or just run the ball like he did at LSU, where he gained 1,134 yards and ten touchdowns as a rusher last year.
  8. te brock bowersGeorgia
    las vegas raiders 1.13, 6-3, 243 pounds, 4.5 estimated 40-time

    Many analysts did not see the Raiders taking a shot at Bowers, but he fell to 1.13 despite being one of the best prospects at the position for several years. Bowers was the top receiver at Georgia for all three seasons. he just got flattened michael mayer’s career arc, but should offer fantasy startability for a Raiders offense that sports a weak backfield. davante adams And Jakobi Meyers As weapons as they pass by.
  9. wr xavier worthtexas
    kansas city chiefs 1.28, 5-11, 165 pounds, 4.21 40-time
    there is a chance that xavier worth Overvalued in fantasy drafts will be true at 100%. faster than tyreek hillWorth will have fantasy value in Year 1, and could have a surprising matchup with patrick mahomes, But he becomes just another option for that offense. travis kels, Marquis Brown, Rashi Rice (probably) and kadarius toney (For the two games he stays). The individual is small enough to handle any heavy workload and will need time to reach his potential. But one has to think there are some much darker scores waiting to happen.
  10. wr lad mcconkeyGeorgia
    los angeles chargers 4.13, 6-0, 186 pounds, 4.39 40 times
    Many other rookies could reach results this good, but McConkie has the advantage of landing with the Chargers, where they have snatched up their starting wideout and McConkie could easily land a starting spot if he doesn’t end up as the No. 1 receiver this year. Can. But the wet blanket here is new HC Jim Harbaugh importing a run-heavy approach that threatens to significantly decimate the passing offense.

Top 10 Dynasty Beginners

  1. wr Marvin Harrison Jr. (ARI)
  2. RB jonathan brooks (car)
  3. cubby jayden daniels (Was)
  4. wr Keon Coleman (BUF)
  5. cubby Caleb Williams (CHI)
  6. WR Brian Thomas (JAX)
  7. wr malik nabors (NYG)
  8. wr Rome Odunze (CHI)
  9. RB trey benson (ARI)
  10. wr xavier worth (How)