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Global fitness expert and entrepreneur Anna Kaiser Has helped shape bodies for over two decades. He has worked with music superstars ranging from Alicia Keys and Shakira to artists like Sarah Jessica Parker and morning television queen Kelly Ripa. Luckily for those of us non-celebrities who want to pay it forward fitness game, Kaiser has a fitness studio right here in New Canaan. Anna Kaiser Studios (AKS) opened its doors just 12 years ago and is comprised of women whose strength and commitment have helped build an incredible community. She’s also introducing a new online platform called AKS Virtual Studio, which allows you to access her carefully crafted program from the convenience of your home.

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Kaiser is the longtime personal trainer of singer/songwriter Shakira (left) and morning talk-show host Kelly Ripa (right).

What makes AKS classes different from other workouts?

Regular HIIT [high-intensity interval training] Classes are designed to repeat the same exercises multiple times and target the same muscle groups, which can be very hard on the body. My workouts use speed as an element of strength, but the classes include a lot more. Most of my clients have never danced before. If you can run, do jumping jacks and do it to the beat, you can do these classes. uses aks different types of exercises And we never overuse the same muscles with excessive repetitions, resulting in very little stress on the joints. My workouts involve the entire body rather than just focusing on certain muscle groups. They are not only functional exercises, but also fun exercises, and they include strength intervals, steps, dancing, athletic conditioning and alternating between heavy weights, light weights and body weight.

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What types of classes are offered at New Canaan Studio?

This class focuses on mixing choreographed movements and strength intervals. It’s perfect for anyone looking to burn fat as well as build stamina and muscle.

mash up
Thirty minutes of STEP and thirty minutes of dance, this class challenges both the mind and body.

sculpture + dance
Think barre meets Pilates, meets strength training meets dance; During this workout, every muscle is hit from every angle.

advanced dance
This members-only class builds on routines from previous classes and combines them with strength and dynamic stretching intervals.

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Anna with her New Canaan studio clients: (left to right) Sarah Funk, Sarah Easley, Carly Raitano, Annette Terry

AK’s tips to stay fit at every age


This is the decade to focus on building a solid fitness foundation. What people do during these years creates the foundation for their bone density and muscle mass that will either increase or decrease over time. A strong heart and lungs are important in your 30s. “I think of fitness as a pyramid approach,” says Kaiser. “What you build in your 30s lays the foundation for each decade to come.” “This is an incredibly important time to work out intensely, with a focus on increasing your cardio and strength, as well as building as much lean muscle as possible.


Once you reach age 40 it becomes more difficult to build muscle, which becomes even more reason to work harder than you did in your 30s. The goal for this decade is to maintain the muscle mass you’ve already built. Without proper exercise and nutrition, muscles begin to weaken at a rate of one to two percent per year after 40. It is important to pay attention to protein intake for muscle maintenance. A general rule of thumb is to aim to consume 1.0-1.2 grams per pound of body weight per day. “Recovery becomes harder during these years because many of us are experiencing the busiest times of our lives,” says Kaiser. “You need the proper amount of protein and sleep to reap the benefits of your hard work.”


Hormone fluctuations during these years can cause many physical changes, and the goal should be to focus on moving throughout the day. Workouts don’t have to take hours; Even making time for 30 minutes of meaningful activity will help maintain your body’s strength. Weight training should be the focus of your routine during this time frame. Balance is another factor to work on in your 50s, not only for injury prevention but for future assurance that you’re able to remain active as you age.


All the same things you focused on in your early years should remain a priority in your 60s. It becomes more important than ever to add an element of entertainment to your daily routine during this part of your life. “Many people are thinking about retirement during this time, and it’s very important to create a life that remains active even without work,” says Kaiser. “Bringing friends into our wellness solutions makes things more fun and we’re more likely to stay involved when something is enjoyable.”

Protein at this age is as important as getting enough sleep and paying attention to hydration. As a great way to stay healthy and feel connected, Kaiser recommends drinking less alcohol and replacing it with something equally social, like playing pickleball or going to the trainer with some friends. “Many of the women who work out at my New Canaan studio are in this age group and they love being part of a group,” says Kaiser. “It’s great to see them walking the same path, pushing each other and encouraging each other to be active.”

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Anna Kaiser’s 60-Minute “Pumped-Up” Playlist

  • “Training Season,” Dua Lipa

  • “Dancing on My Own,” Robyn (Buzz Junkies Remix)

  • “Numb,” Usher (Project 46 Remix)

  • “Jolene,” Emilio, Mitch DB, Drew RC

  • “Party Go Boom,” Wizard of Oz, Robin Johnson

  • “Pink Friday Girls,” Nicki Minaj

  • “Baseline,” Alistair X, CKA

  • “DJ Play That Beat,” Joachim Garaud

  • “Nostalgia,” NOTD, Georgia Ku

  • “Wow,” absurd

  • “Lil Boo Thang,” Paul Russell (Galantis Remix)

  • “Texas Hold ‘Em,” Beyoncé

  • “Everybody,” Nicki Minaj (featuring Lil Uzi Vert)

  • “Swing” Remix, Savage (featuring Pitbull)

  • “Money Come (Clean),” Iggy Azalea

  • “Higher,” Michael Bublé

  • “Shawty Got Moves,” Calm Down

  • “Na Na Na,” Le Bankz

  • “Feels Right (I Love It),” Flo Rida, Brian Kelly

  • “Powerful Women,” Dolly Parton, Pitbull

  • “Wait,” Flo Rida

  • “Keep Data” (Radio Edit), iCandy

  • “Freak 54 (Freakout),” Pitbull, Nile Rodgers

  • “Dreaming,” Royston Noel

Anna Kaiser’s Workout Wishlist

  • ora ring to track sleep

  • AK HR Monitor Chat Strap to track heart rate and performance during workouts

  • Kith Sports Jacket and Sports Bra – Super cute and great performance activewear

  • Definite Article socks (sweat-wicking, foot-hugging, and biodegradable!)

  • FaceGym Sweat-Activated Mask to Wear During Workouts

  • Theragun Mini Adidas Ultraboost Sneakers to take with you to class for pre/post workout