Another classic gaming licence runs out and will see famous Cave shmup delisted from the Switch eShop

Another gaming classic is about to disappear from digital shelves due to licensing issues. Forza Horizon 4 – In a move that took one of the best racing games of modern times away from being bought again, or more importantly, preserved, now there’s news of another game becoming available. This time it’s more special, but just as important for other reasons, the cave shoot ’em-up Mushihimesama, which is about to be erased from history in the case of the Nintendo Switch version.

The Switch has been a good home for many classic arcade shoot ’em-ups, such as Cave. Some of the best shmups have found a player base on Nintendo’s handheld, so this is frustrating at best and shows little respect for players at worst.

Mushihimesama is a Japanese shmup that’s ridiculously difficult and expensive to get in physical form, so the last hope for those wanting to play this bullet-hell classic was a Switch downloadable version. Yes, it’s up and running now with reason“Due to the expiration of the license agreement for Nintendo Switch… it will be removed on August 10, 2024”

So, it will still be available for a month and if you buy it you will be able to keep it and even re-download it in the future, but this again shows the fragility of digital products.

Once again, much like Forza, in a few weeks the only way to get Mushihimesama will be to pirate it and play it through a Nintendo Switch emulator – remember those, you can’t easily find them anymore, or find a modded early Switch.

Mushihimesama (or Bug Princess) is still available on Steam and there’s no mention of it being removed from there yet, but you need to know what its license is that prevents it from being sold in handheld format.

If you want to pick it up on the Switch before it disappears forever, you’ll have to shell out $19.99 for this special piece of gaming history.