Anti-Prostitution and Homosexuality Law in Iraq – United States Department of State

The United States is deeply concerned by the Iraqi Council of Representatives passing amendments to existing legislation, officially called the Anti-Prostitution and Homosexuality Law, which jeopardizes constitutionally protected human rights and fundamental freedoms. The law bans same-sex relationships with heavy fines and imprisonment and punishes those who “promote homosexuality.” Limiting the rights of some individuals in a society weakens the rights of all.

This amendment threatens those most at risk in Iraqi society. It can be used to hinder free speech and expression and disrupt the operations of NGOs throughout Iraq. The law also undermines Iraq’s ability to diversify its economy and attract foreign investment. The International Trade Coalition has already indicated that such discrimination in Iraq would harm trade and economic development in the country.

Respect for human rights and political and economic inclusion are essential to Iraq’s security, stability and prosperity. This law is inconsistent with these values ​​and undermines the government’s political and economic reform efforts.