Apple AirPods 4: Release date, specs, price and everything we know so far

it is fair to say apple airpodsBoth the Pro and non-Pro versions are some of the most popular earbuds on the market and have been around since the launch of the first AirPods in 2016. So there are rumors going around about Apple AirPods 4, which will have fans very excited. ,

The third-generation AirPods launched in October 2021, so leaks about the fourth-generation model are largely based on Apple following a two-year cycle regarding the time it takes to upgrade them from the second generation. Is.

But Apple There is currently a lot of silence on the matter, leaving us with nothing more than speculation from reliable industry analysts and a cocktail of our hopes and dreams.

Here’s what we know so far about the Apple AirPods 4…

Apple AirPods 4: What we know so far and rumors

The biggest rumor that seems to have a high degree of truth is that Apple is preparing to launch two different AirPods 4 models – a regular version and a cheaper option. Industry analysts Jeff Pu, Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman have echoed this.

Not much is known about what the differences will be between the two versions, but Bloomberg Analyst Gurman It’s previously been suggested that the regular AirPods 4 will likely have a case with noise cancellation and Find My Alert functionality, both of which won’t be offered with the cheaper option.


Since there’s been no official announcement from Apple yet, we don’t know for sure whether there will be any major design changes to the AirPods 4, but Gurman predicts that the fourth-generation earbuds will be a mix of the design of the AirPods 3. . And AirPods Pro 2. This lends credence to the belief that there aren’t going to be any major design upgrades, as the existing AirPods and Pro 2 already look very similar in this regard.

However, Gurman pointed out that the design will provide a better and more comfortable fit than previous generations, but indicated that it is unlikely that Apple will offer convertible ear tips in the AirPods 4, meaning it is unlikely that we will Active noise cancellation (ACN) on fourth-generation models, but it’s not necessarily impossible.

The same thing applies for color also. Apple’s trademark white finish is unlikely to be changed, nor are any more colors expected to be added for contrast this time around. Apple’s AirPods Max 2Which comes in different colours.


To date, there have been no leaks or credible rumors regarding the features of the AirPods 4. Fans have been clamoring for volume controls to be added to the on-bud touch controls that were introduced in the AirPods Pro 2 in 2022, but there’s nothing to suggest that dream will come true just yet.

In the meantime, one thing we can be fairly sure of is the switch to a USB-C Charging Case, thanks to the EU decision on ports. Apple has already started fitting its flagship products with USB-C, so this wouldn’t be a surprise in any way.

Gurman has also indicated Future AirPods will be equipped with a temperature sensor, but it is not yet known if this is something we can expect to see in the AirPods 4 or the third generation of AirPods Pro. Probably the latter.


There are hopes that battery life will improve on the AirPods 4, thanks to the expected addition of Apple’s H2 chip, which can already be found in the AirPods Pro 2. The H2 chip supports Bluetooth 5.3, which is more stable and efficient than Bluetooth 5.0.

While the inclusion of an H2 chip would make sense, there are rumors that the AirPods Pro 3 could launch with the new H3 chip.

What is the release date of Apple AirPods 4?

There are some contradictory reports on this right now. Ming-Chi Kuo claims shipping won’t begin until the second half of 2024, while Gurman believes Apple is getting ready for production in May.

This could mean a September launch, perhaps with new iPhone 16, Gurman said the launch of AirPods 4 is certain “The biggest AirPods launch ever.”

However, Jeff Pu says that the new AirPods could be released alongside the new AirPods Max in the fourth quarter of 2024, which means sometime between October and December.

Apple’s next event is on May 7, 2024, but Gurman has already said that Apple is not expected to make any announcement on AirPods 4 as it is likely to be included among the many new products that will be announced until the end of the year. will be given.

How much will Apple AirPods cost?

With reports of the AirPods 4 being the second addition to the family, it’s a little difficult to know how Apple will price it this time.

The AirPods 3 sold for $179 and while Apple rarely drops the price for similar upgrades, it all depends on how ‘cheap’ the second fourth generation AirPods will be.

Pu and Kuo have hinted that the cheaper version may be available in US stores for just $99, which would certainly make Apple’s iconic earbuds more accessible in a very competitive market.

Featured Image: Photo by Alireza Khoddam But unsplash