Build your own Blade Runner city-builder Dystopika nears full release and its latest demo is just beautiful

We last talked about the one-man dave Void Within’s Dystopica in January. Time flies and yet it’s still one of my most eagerly awaited downloads in 2024.

Talking about the beginning of the year I remember one of my earliest memories being depicted as a young child in the opening scene of Blade Runner, and it probably contributed in no small part to my deep interest in technology and gaming.

I would happily spend the rest of my days in a rainy, foggy, dirty neon-lit futuristic city rather than some beautiful place like the Maldives. This is why I liked Tokyo and this is why I (still) like dystopica.

A new demo – version 0.8 – has been released and brings a lot of changes, including the ability to add props to your city as well as save your creations, which is nice after spending hours building your dream futuristic cityscape.

As we know, there’s no game here. There’s no management, no finances, and there’s no water pipe to be found anywhere. What you do is build up districts of your neon cyber-city, string lights down, and put big screens on the sides of buildings, and you do it all with futuristic ambient drone music that would make Vangelis proud.

Dystopia is a time-wasting game. You load it up, try to demolish some skyscrapers, then you have to go outside and find yourself stuck there for longer than you thought.

A city built in a dystopian

New tooltips have been added and you can right-click your mouse to see the types of buildings you can place in your zone. You can then go to props and add screens, neon and more neon to the buildings. Add helipads for landers but it’s still not complete.

In the settings you can change the time of day, weather and pollution. You can zoom in and take beautiful screenshots of your cities. You can also set points to fly the camera to in between creating video cutscenes. It’s pretty cool and unlike anything else you have on your hard drive.

You just have to do this Download Demo Immediately.