Celine Dion Refuses to Borrow Clothes From Designers for Free

Cass Bird/Vogue France

Celine Dion Turns out she refuses to borrow clothes from designers without paying herself first.

“I’ve always bought everything myself,” he said. vogue france In an interview dated April 22. “I didn’t want to borrow. It is a form of respect. People pay money to come and listen to my songs, so I pay to buy designer clothes for myself.

The singer explained that this personal ethic is partly due to her modest upbringing. “All my life, my mother fixed my tights, sweaters, coats and gloves, all my little things for winter,” he told the publication. “I was very lucky, because I had 13 brothers and sisters, and I was blessed by everyone.”

The 56-year-old Grammy winner further said that she has worked hard for everything she has bought in her life – not just designer clothes, but also houses for herself and her family members.

As Dion achieved more success in her career, she began to be invited to fashion shows. a special Karl Lagerfeld This show is special in his memory.

Celine Dion says she never borrowed clothes from designers for free
Cass Bird/Vogue France

,[Lagerfeld] looked at me and said, ‘You remind me of La Calais,'” Dion said. vogue france, referring to Maria Callas, a Greek-American soprano singer of the mid-twentieth century. He added, “I treated the Lagerfeld jacket the same way people buy themselves diamonds.”

In the same interview, Dion also revealed how she is coping since her 2022 diagnosis tough guy syndromeA rare autoimmune neurological disorder that causes muscle stiffness And cramps.

“I have not defeated this disease, because it is still within me and will always be there. I’m hopeful that we’ll find a miracle, find a way to cure it through scientific research, but right now I have to learn to live with it,” she said. “In the beginning I’ll ask myself: Why me? How did this happen? What have I done? Is this my fault? Life doesn’t give you any answers.”