Chris Pine Says He Made Just $65,000 for Princess Diaries 2

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Chris Pine Realizes how far he has come.

43 year old pine Willie Geistis the guest on their Sunday Sitdown on the Sunday, May 5 episode of TodayAnd a preview clip shows the actor talking about his first leading role as Nicholas Deveraux The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, He told Geist he was only paid $65,000 for the role, but it felt like a lot more.

“It was the height of summer and I was down in Magnolia. I was on my little Verizon little flip phone, my silver one, and I got a call from my agents saying I booked the job,” he said. “I stood on the side of the freeway and they said, ‘You’re being paid $65,000.’ And it was like they had just told me I made $50 million, it was absolutely earth-shattering.”

The 2004 film was not Pine’s first acting work, but it launched his career out of college. in the sequel Anne Hathaway2001 film princess diaryPine plays one of Hathaway’s suitors.

He said, “I got that $65,000 and I knew clearly at that moment that my life had changed in some way, even though at the end of the day that $60,000 turned out to be about $15,000.”

Chris Pine says he just made £65,000 for Princess Diaries 2, Changed My Life 603
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And as is the case for most people, that first paycheck didn’t last long. He says his parents’ rent was due at the time and $400 had already been taken out of their bank account.

“It’s a wild feeling. I’ll never forget it,” he concluded.

Things have probably gotten easier for Paine over the last 20 years. He has since appeared as Captain Kirk in three star trek As Steve Trevor in films and in a pair wonder woman Movies, among dozens Other film and TV credits, Despite such success, Pine said he would be open to reprising the role of Nichols.

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“Yeah, I’m here! I’m here for it,” he said told entertainment tonight Amid reports of a possible third film. “Give me a phone call or email.”

A third film has not been officially announced, but Pine and Hathaway are set to co-star Julie Andrews He said he would be willing to return to his role as well, cautioning that he did not expect this to happen.

“It’s been a long time since the two diaries Was done, and I’m not sure, but sometimes it’s best to leave a good thing at that,” Andrews, 88, told Today,

Geist’s full interview with Pine will air Sunday morning on NBC.