Dannielynn Birkhead Wears Superhero-Inspired Gown for Kentucky Derby

danilyn birkhead Horse racing is ready for action with a little help from your favorite action hero.

anna nicole smithkilled by daughter of 150th running of the Kentucky Derby Her father wore a red gown in Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday. Larry Birkhead, said that it was inspired by his favorite Japanese superhero. Not only this, Danielle also presented the look of an action hero!

“On the way to the @kentuckyderby with Dannielynn after a great night at the Barnstable-Brown Gala and a quick morning haircut or two,” Larry shared in his caption. “Danielle’s costume was inspired by her favorite character Hino Eiji, Kamen Rider Oo Tajador Combo – she inspired me to write this 😆 – because that character had the same shoulders as the design of the costume she got! 🤷‍♂️ Hey Whatever works, just trying to spend a little quality time once this weekend of traditions is over.”

Fans liked this outfit very much. One follower commented, “I love that she always dresses for her age. She’s gorgeous!” Another said, “She’s so beautiful. You did a great job raising her! I watched the whole story with her and she’s so lucky to have you!”

Father-daughter duo attend Churchill Downs It’s become a big tradition for themLarry and Danielle’s followers said they look forward to it every year.

One fan commented, “It’s because of you two that I look forward to the KY Derby. I hope this tradition continues. Enjoy!”

Larry and Danielle kicked off Derby weekend by attending the star-studded Barnstable Brown Gala on Friday night. For the invite-only banquet, Danielle wore another dress janet jackson-Worn getup. larry Shared to Instagram Carousel Post that she bought this dress from a charity auction.

There is no information yet on whether Danilin got a chance to spend time with any other rock stars before the derby. Like he did with Richie Sambora last year,

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