Days of our Lives 2-Week Spoilers: EJ DiMera Snaps – Cuts Deal with Sloan?

days of Our Lives There’s plenty of disappointment to be found in Week 2 spoilers EJ DiMera going to sketchy Sloan Peterson After learning that his son is not dead. Ahead, leo stark What she didn’t know was that Sloan, the lying attorney, had swapped DNA tests to reveal her husband’s name was Eric Brady. nicole walkerFather of the child. An angry EJ can finally safely check Wall for the real DNA test results. Will he make a deal with the baby’s napper so that his wife never finds out the truth? During this, john black And steve johnson It must be carried forward to liberate Salem from the Greek threat, constantin meleunis, Can they get rid of him before he hurts him? maggie horton, At the end, hope brady Will return later this year. Desire bo brady Return with the family when they gather to mourn Doug Williams, What we know about the NBC Peacock exclusive from April 29 to May 10, 2024.

Two Weeks of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ DiMera Faces Sloan Peterson

dool 2-Week spoilers report that EJ DiMera (Dan Furiegel) learns the truth About her child. This week on the long-running soap opera, Sloane Peterson (Jessica Serfaty) stops making payments to Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) after Eric Brady (Greg Vaughn) accuses her of blackmailing him. Of course, Sloan Peterson can’t afford to give the younger writer any more money for his fancy room and lavish lifestyle.

However, Leo Stark now has no problem breaking the bargain with Sloane. days of Our Lives Spoilers reveal he heads to the mansion to tell EJ DiMera the truth. Nicole Walker’s (Arianne Zucker) son is alive and living with Sloane and Eric. Yet, the author has no idea that Baby Jude is Eric Brady’s biological son. Neither did E.J. All Leo knows is that Sloane took the baby up for adoption. EJ may learn everything soon.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Eric Brady (Greg Vaughn) – Sloane Peterson (Jessica Serfaty)
Days of Our Lives spoilers: Sloan Peterson – Melinda Trask – Dimitri Von Leschner

Yet, before the baby was born, Sloan Peterson misjudged her third attempt to conceal the child’s paternity. DOOL, Results that deny EJ as the father sits safe inside EJ’s wall at Chez DiMera. Furthermore, EJ DiMera learned after more than a year that Nicole was never pregnant with his child. The baby born on the side of the road last November is Eric’s son, not EJ.

EJ DiMera could try to make a deal with Sloan Peterson. If she gives Nicole her baby, she should never learn that Eric fathered Jude during a drug-addicted revelry in the weed. Conversely, EJ can convince Sloane to keep quiet. If Nicole has Jude, she may feel sorry for Eric and keep him in Jude’s life. days of Our Lives. Watch how May Sweeps dropped a truth bomb on EJ.

DOOL 2-week spoilers: John and Steve kick it into high gear

days of Our Lives Week 2 spoilers reveal that John Black (Drake Hogestyn) and Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) need to work together again to get Constantine Meleunis (John Kapelos) to leave Salem forever. The man has been in trouble since coming to town after Victor Kiriakis’s (John Aniston) memorial service last year.

Intrudes into the life of Greek widow Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers) DOOL, Now the beautiful redhead plans to marry the fraudster and keep him in the United States to avoid being deported back to Greece. However, he just wants her money and the power it gives.

Additionally, John and Steve have been at Constantin since the beginning. Still he created a wall between the two friends. Supposedly, John killed the Greek’s daughter while under mind control as The Pawn, and Steve never told his friend what happened that day decades ago. days of Our Lives The recap reveals that John is angry at his friend for hiding the truth from him.

However, with the farce of a wedding soon to come, Black Patch must strive to prevent his friend from making a huge mistake. Konstantin is a dangerous man. Yet, the liar turns John into a pawn once again, turning the tables on the pair of private investigators and thwarting them. plan to save Maggi. Will Steve help John out of this? Can the friends save the day once again? Find out soon.

Two Weeks of Our Lives spoilers: Hopefully Brady returns later this year!

DOOL Week 2 spoilers and upcoming developments reveal Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfolans0) Return trip When Salem learned of her father’s death that autumn. Longtime fans of the soap can’t wait to see all the OG characters come together to remember the life and work of Doug Williams (Bill Hayes). But what does this mean for comatose Bo Brady (Peter Reckell)?

days of Our Lives Fans were very disappointed with last year’s disappointing reunion. Bo barely knew who Hope was before his son shot her. He has been in a coma in a European hospital since April 28, 2023. So, will the writers wake up in time for Bo to come home with her fancy face later this year?

Stay tuned as this story unfolds over the next several months. Does Hope get a miracle with Bo in time to mourn her father? Meanwhile, his friends John Black and Steve Johnson fight tooth and nail to remove the Greek scum from Salem once and for all. Do they succeed in getting rid of Constantine? Also, EJ DiMera learns the truth about Sloan Peterson’s baby. Will EJ negotiate with Sloane about the baby? Find out when the May Sweeps starts on Peacock during the week of April 29 to May 10, 2024 DOOL.

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