Dominic West Makes Rare Comments About Lily James PDA Photos

Pictures after about four years dominic west And lily james‘PDA emerged while she was married to someone else Case The star has made rare comments about that “absurd situation.”

in an interview with The Sunday TimesThe Wire alum, who recently played Prince Charles Crownaddressed the similarity he experienced playing a character whose personal life was exposed in the press.

He told the newspaper, “I had a very deep understanding of what it’s like to fear having your name or your picture in the newspapers. That’s a terrifying moment when something about you is being revealed.” “I think anyone can understand how it feels. But I also went through it a few years ago and that may have informed how I approached it. The feeling of horror is not something you get used to.” Go.”

West seemed to be referring to October 2020, when the photos were published with him in rome pursuit of love co-star, James, and without wearing a wedding ring. he was in a photo He was reportedly kissing James’s neck, In other scenes, they were depicted riding scooters together and at a restaurant with West’s hand on James’s head.

A day after the photos made headlines, West and his wife, Kathryn Fitzgerald — whom he dated in college and married in 2010 — stepped out together outside their home in England and kissed in front of the paparazzi. A note given to the photographers read, “Our marriage is strong and we are still together. Thank you.”

At the time, an eyewitness told ET that the couple posed for two to three minutes for five photographers and a reporter outside their home. “Our marriage is still strong,” Fitzgerald said.

The eyewitness said, “It looked like they were putting on a show for photographers, but it wasn’t strange.” “They both looked very happy.”

The couple reached their 10th wedding anniversary in June and have four children: Dora, Senan – who Prince William was depicted on Crown – Francis and Christabel. West is also the father of daughter Martha from a previous relationship.

Now years later, West reveals that no matter how difficult the situation, he can still have fun at the time. “I hesitate to speak on behalf of my wife because this was obviously terrifying, especially for her,” he said. The Sunday Times, “But we make fun of it sometimes. Because whenever we went out together, the newspapers always said we were doing a ‘display of unity.’ Even if we’re making a fuss about where to park the car or something, that couldn’t be further from the truth and so when we go out we kind of say, ‘Should we go and do a show of unity in London?'”

Joking aside, the actor admitted, “It was a crazy situation. It was extremely stressful for my wife and my kids, but there were light moments too…it was really the best thing that came out of it.”

The couple have remained close to each other, most recently being photographed as a family with their four children at the season 5 world premiere. Crown In November 2022. A year later, they were spotted on a night out together at an opening party in London.

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