Drake loses again: $300,000 bet on Canada to beat Argentina in Copa America semifinals

The Drake curse has struck again! The singer once again lost $300,000 on a bet that didn’t go in his favor.

The bet was for Canada (Drake’s home country) won against Argentina in the Copa America semi-final on Wednesday (July 10). Instead of the result they were hoping for, it was a 2-0 result for the South American team as Messi and Alvarez both scored.

Had Drake’s bet come to fruition, he would have received an estimated payout of $2.88 million.

In a now-deleted Instagram story, the singer had shared his betting slip and wrote in the caption, ‘This can be bet on Messi.’

Argentina are the defending champions after their victory against Brazil in the final in 2021.

There can be no dispute about Drake’s patriotism, as he has added another notch to his ‘losers’ list. This happened in May, just two months ago, when he placed a $565,000 bet on Tyson Fury defeating Oleksandr Usyk.

He has bet on boxing several times. In February 2023, he bet against Tyson Fury’s younger brother Tommy, as he placed a $400,000 bet on social media star Jake Paul to beat him by knockout. Tommy Fury won by decision that night.

A loss of 2 million Canadian dollars was incurred in November 2022 when Israel Adesanya suffered a knockout loss to Alex Pereira.

He had previously placed a bet on Argentina’s victory. He placed a bet of $1 million on Argentina’s victory in the 2020 FIFA World Cup, but although he won, his bet did not stand as the match was decided on penalties.

Drake’s betting partnership with gambling company Stake

However, continuous losses will surely lead to losses here as well Drake’s Pocket Considering how many times he’s lost, his partnership with Stakes probably makes the value of money even less.

Stake is a global online casino and sports betting company. The company and Drake formed their partnership in March 2022 in a campaign that saw a $1 million donation to the LeBron James Foundation.

Now, the singer will regularly share his betting efforts with fans on Instagram. The bets are filled with betting ads.

Featured image: Via Wikimedia Commons