Fallout 5 may be released sooner than we all expected

The creators of Fallout are enjoying a new surge in the number of players following the massive success of Amazon Prime’s television series, with rumors that the next release may arrive sooner than expected.

Bethesda Softworks, the video game publisher behind the game, was able to take advantage of the resurgence in popularity of Fallout 4 by releasing a free next-gen update on April 25.

While the most recent update brought a new set of improvements and repairs as well as additional in-game content and missions, the last version of the game is still nine years old.

On a recent episode of xbox two podcastMicrosoft insider Jez Corden suggested that Xbox is ‘aware’ of the growing interest and understands that the next release in the franchise could be a guaranteed success.

While Bethesda is said to be focusing on its sixth mainline Elder Scrolls installment as part of the franchise’s 30-year celebration, Xbox is reportedly considering other ways to speed up development of a new Fallout game. Is.

This may result Being outsourced in fallout 5 For another developer, as Corden suggests, this might be the best bet for Xbox. This wouldn’t be the first time fallout game 2010’s Fallout New Vegas is developed elsewhere, with it being created by Obsidian.

Neither Xbox nor Bethesda Softworks have commented about the upcoming Fallout 5, but if the game is developed by another team, that could push the release date much closer.

Fallout reached record high after the television series aired

On April 10, Amazon Prime published a Fallout television series based on the games. It is set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles following a nuclear destruction where citizens have been forced to live in underground bunkers to protect themselves from radiation and mutants.

In the days following release, the game saw a massive increase in interest, and reached new record highs in terms of player count. In Europe, the 2015 game climbed into the top 10 charts and became a top seller.

Adaptation for the second season has already begun.

Featured Image: Photo by Sisaba Bakos But unsplash