First Baby Trump, Now TrumpCoin (DJT) Meme Coin Is A Top Trending Crypto

As the US elections draw closer, a notable trend is emerging: Trump-inspired meme coins are gaining popularity.

For instance, the value of the Baby Trump meme coin has recently increased, while $DJT is currently gaining attention with significant trading activity.

However, it’s not just the Trump-themed tokens that are garnering attention; Base Dogz, another meme coin that is currently in pre-sale, is close to reaching its $2 million funding goal.


The price of Baby Trump is expected to rise as the US elections approach. Four months ago, its price was $0.0026, but now it has risen to $0.0075, which represents a remarkable increase of 118%.

In March, the price was at $0.005, and since then it has increased rapidly, reaching an all-time high of $0.02586, and then dropping to the current price of $0.0075.

This recent drop provides a good entry point for potential investors, as the token is expected to surge in value in the coming months as the election draws closer.

The Baby Trump website is simple yet informative, detailing how the coin can be purchased on various exchanges such as Pancakeswap, MEXC, Bitmart and Uniswap, or via Ethereum transfer.

The graphics used for Baby Trump are attractive and represent Trump’s expressions well. The token is likely to benefit from the current bullish trend, possibly becoming one of the best coins to watch as the US elections approach.

Baby Trump imposes a 5% tax on transactions, which funds the Trump campaign, increasing its potential value. Although not officially affiliated with Trump, the project donates 5% of its marketing budget to his campaign.

With 410 million Baby Trump coins in circulation, the project aims to set a new high-quality standard within the crypto space, powered by a community of like-minded individuals.

The project has partnerships with Gotbit and Ave.ai and maintains an active social media presence on Telegram, X, and Discord. Analysts are bullish on Baby Trump, predicting it will outperform other Trump-inspired coins.

No.1 Trumps Crypto

Buying the coin during a dip presents the potential for high returns, especially with the anticipation of a surge near the US elections. Holding the coin could lead to significant gains if its value rises as predicted.

However, this strategy relies on investing at the right time in the market, which can be challenging. For investors looking for a more established option within the same thematic space, another Trump-inspired token currently making headlines is $DJT.

TrumpCoin (DJT)

Trumpcoin, ticker symbol $DJT, is a new meme coin on the Solana blockchain that has garnered a lot of attention. Despite being just a day old, it has already garnered a substantial market cap and secured major central exchange listings.

Although it is being promoted as the official Trump Coin, there is no confirmation that former President Donald Trump or his family is behind it. On DEXTools, the market cap of $DJT fluctuates around $93.3 million, reflecting its volatile nature amid widespread popularity.

The token is currently ranked number one on DEXTools’ Hot Pairs and is listed on various platforms including Raydium, Jupiter, Orca, and Meteora. On June 18, $DJT was listed on MEXC Global, making it accessible to a wider audience.

The token currently has a total supply of 10 billion units, with 10,000 holders to date. Recently, its price dropped to $0.009 amid rumors and speculations about its alleged ties to Trump.

Further fueling these speculations were Martin Shkreli’s claims of involvement in the creation of $DJT and his mention that Barron Trump was aware of the project.

These revelations came to light during an X Spaces session, after which Arkham Intelligence announced a $150,000 bounty to identify the creator of $DJT and Shkreli bet a staggering $100 million on the authenticity of the token.

Despite considerable online betting on its legitimacy, only a small percentage of observers believe that $DJT was launched by Trump or his family. Currently, the trading price of $DJT has dropped significantly from its peak, now sitting at $0.009, down 49.98% over the past 24 hours.

Nevertheless, as the US elections approach, the token is likely to surge in value, making it an attractive investment opportunity. Investors are advised to keep an eye on this token, as it can potentially offer significant returns.

While Trump-related tokens have been causing a stir in the market lately, there is also a lot of buzz around the pre-sale of a multi-chain token, $DAWGZ, which raised close to $2 million.

Base Dogs (DAWGZ)

The cryptocurrency market is abuzz with the ongoing pre-sale of cryptocurrencies. Base DogzA multi-chain token designed for broad reach.

This innovative project allows users to operate on various blockchains, including Base Chain, Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche, promoting interoperability across decentralized ecosystems.

Investors can participate in the pre-sale via the official Base Dogz website, which also provides access to their social media channels, a detailed white paper, independent audit report by SolidProof.io confirming security and compliance, and other important project details.

Base Dogz Boasts a thriving online community, with over 3,000 active users engaging with the project team on platforms such as X And WireThis dedicated community receives regular updates on fundraising achievements and exciting project developments.

A structured token distribution model has been introduced to encourage early participation in the presale. Notably, 20% of tokens have been allocated specifically for the presale, with prices strategically increased every seven days to reward early investors. The strong interest from investors is evident, with the presale reaching close to $2 million.

Looking to the future, Base Dogz plans to be listed on decentralized exchanges after the pre-sale. This will enable seamless token transactions across different blockchains using designated contract addresses.

The project also includes a well-defined roadmap outlining future steps such as social media expansion, marketing efforts, and a possible centralized exchange listing.

Overall, Base Dogz establishes itself as a versatile decentralized platform, enabling users to easily navigate and interact across multiple blockchain networks. To participate in the $DAWGZ token presale, visit here basedawgz.com,