Fortnite Fall Guys leak teases what will be in Epic’s next big collaboration

Epic Games is collaborating with, er, Epic Games as it prepares to bring its two hit games together in the world of the all-conquering battle royale.

Having already introduced LEGO Fortnite and the Fortnite Festival with its main course, news is rife that the once massive, but certainly much scaled down, Fall Guys is set to be an epic (sorry for the word) In the mashup, there’s a doll coming to the island who can bring a dollop of mayhem and entertainment with him.

Fortnite leakers are clearly involved in all of this and the main source of information iFireMonkey, through some of his contacts on X, posted some of the things we can expect to see. It’s only a leak, so you know, take it with a pinch of salt, but it’s rare that iFireMonkey puts its name to anything without further certainty. The best Fortnite leakers definitely have a reputation to maintain.

post on x Reads:

“Fall Guys x Fortnite Info VIA WayneSoing + Lulu_WRLD

  • There will be a minigame in Battle Royale
  • This will be the Fall Guys Obstacle Course
  • There are checkpoints in the course
  • To teleport to the minigame you have to go to specific locations on the map

Files related to PegWins are following you around, which is speculated to be a “drop in supply” for the collaboration.

, Additional information via me >:) |
There will be quests with rewards
The event is codenamed “Beanstalk”.

So it looks like Fall Guys won’t have its own mode as per Lego Fortnite, but will instead be tucked away in a corner where you can go and enjoy a bit of Fall Guys madness as a break from all the building. Can take. And sarcasm which is interesting.

This could be a way for Epic to assess how popular Fall Guys might still be a few years after its launch.

The multiplayer minigame-fest was launched in August 2020 and was popularized by the large number of streamers who picked up the obstacle-course-based battle royale.

Meanwhile, the flood of Fortnite add-ons continues Star Wars is expected to arrive While at the time of May 4th billie eilish Now on the main stage at Fortnite Festival.