‘Free Stellar Blade’ petition closes in on 50,000 signatures in fight against censorship

To fight against the censorship, over 45,000 gamers have signed a petition called ‘Free Stellar Blade’, demanding the developer to revert the changes to the character’s outfit.

stellar blade is a newly released action-adventure video game developed by Shift Up and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Currently, it is only available on PS5.

The petition went live on Friday April 26 and is now just 5,000 signatures away from reaching its next goal of 50,000 people. To support the cause, gamers have left video reactions citing the reasons why they are excited for the changes to be rescinded.

stellar blade The team proudly shared on the

Since then, there has been some censorship of EVE’s organizations which has prompted some gamers to sign a petition. The changes are small but result in the character’s clothing providing more coverage than the uncensored version.

Stellar Blade petition will be distributed to developers for free

Mark Kern, a former video game executive who worked for Blizzard Entertainment, started the campaign and explained why petition What matters to him: “…Content is censored from the original trailer version posted by Sony.

“We, as gamers, want this content back. We believed it, we made the game the #1 pre-order worldwide because of it, and that’s the true game we want.”

He describes the game as a ‘cultural beacon for freedom of expression’ at a time when he says Sony is ‘censoring games more than ever.’

“…But for unknown reasons, the game was censored, changes were made. What we received after our good faith purchase was not as advertised.

Kern explains how the petition will be printed in Korea and distributed to Shift Up offices in Korea. It will also be distributed on the Sony PlayStation in North America.

In the ‘Reasons for signing’ section, gamers express their concerns about the ongoing censorship and explain why they are putting their names to the appeal.

One person said: “This game was the only bright spot in a sea of ​​malevolent female heroes. Please don’t steal beauty from us!”

While another suggested false advertising occurred: “Stellar Blade was advertised as an uncensored product.

“However, Sony has forced the developer to censor the game and, as a result, are selling a different product than advertised.”

Featured Image: Stellar Blade