Garry’s Mod Vs Nintendo: DMCA saga rolls on but who is the mysterious Aaron Peters?

The famous 20-year-old title Gary’s Mod has become the focus of the removal of Nintendo content by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

The creator of the iconic PC gaming classic Gary’s Mod has found himself in the middle of a mystery. It all reportedly started with a takedown notice from Nintendo, which sparked the interest of social media sleuths and set the stage for another (another) DMCA saga.

gary v nintendo

This resulted in game developer and Gary Mod owner Gary Newman Entry Steam regarding its decision to begin removing Nintendo-related content.

“Some of you may have noticed that some Nintendo-related Workshop items have recently been removed. This is not a mistake; The takedowns came from Nintendo,’ he said in a post on Steam.

“This is Nintendo’s content and what they allow and what they don’t allow is up to them. They don’t want you playing with that stuff in Gary’s Mod – it’s their decision, we have to respect it and remove as much as we can.”

A group of disgruntled Gary Mod fans would dig into the background because they believed the DMCA was false. Newman then posted to his community on X, trying to understand the notice and its origins:

Newman said, “I have been assured that the takedown has been verified as legitimate by Nintendo, so it will now continue as planned. Apologies. 🫸🍄🗑️.”

Who is Aaron Peters?

Some fans introduced a mysterious person into the mix, and said the takedown came from a major troll: “It’s not Nintendo, it’s Aaron Peters,” said Multiple. positions, Therefore, the community has questioned the validity of this move by Nintendo.

Aaron Peters’ name has recently been linked to a whole series of “Nintendo” DMCAs on Reddit and you can read that thread yourself below.

Destroyer of add-ons “Aaron Peters”.
Byu/ghosterrica3218 Ingmod

Newman’s next post would be angry and show his frustration at some fans who were in disbelief that it was Nintendo’s order to break down the content on Gary’s mod:

“I have some legitimate questions for the fake people,” he said. There are a lot of walls of text and 900-page Steam forum threads that I’m not going to read. Please help me understand.”

As we’ve reported, Nintendo has been active in rooting out piracy targeting Yuzu Switch emulators. The saga reached one Close to $2.4 million Several attempts were made to erase the emulator and its extensive library of ROMs.

Nintendo has not yet made any official statement regarding the removal or the DMCA.

Newman seems tired of the debate, but his Steam post seals the fate of Nintendo-inspired mods, saying, “This is an ongoing process, because we have 20 years to upload. If you would like to help us by removing and not uploading them again, it would help us a lot.

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