General Hospital May Sweeps Spoilers: Cody Wins Sasha’s Heart

general Hospital Spoilers ahead for May sweeps sasha gilmore taking a big step forward with Cody Bell. And they may soon be the hottest new couple in town on the ABC soap opera.

The Slow Burn of Sasha Gilmore and Cody Bell on General Hospital

For a while G h, Sasha Gilmore has been fond of Cody Bell. After all, he did everything possible to get her out ferncliff refuge And away from the evil Dr. Damon Montag. After that, they developed a friendship which eventually turned into attraction.

Of course, Cody got there before Sasha did – he’d been infatuated with her for quite some time. But once they started working together Danger, Sasha developed feelings towards him too. Of course, it was difficult for Sasha to accept this.

General Hospital Spoilers: Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) – Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Matteson)
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she hasn’t been with anyone Since losing my husband, Brando Corbin on general Hospital. Even though she will always love her late husband, it looks like she’s finally ready to move on and bring love back into her life.

Cody and Sasha Closer on GH

In the present, Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Matteson) is growing closer to Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) by the day. After admitting how she felt about him, she was candid and honest. She told him she wasn’t ready to completely let go brando corbin (Johnny Tractor) and start a new relationship.

Indeed, Sasha feels that she is not being faithful to Brando if she allows herself to love again. general Hospital, Of course, Brando wouldn’t want that for him. He would want her to be happy and to be loved by someone who deserves her.

Slowly but surely, Sasha is letting herself feel for Cody. And now they are closer than ever as they are both living in the Quartermaine mansion. He works at the stables, and she is the new Q Chef. Recently she could not stop herself and kissed Cody.

So, it definitely looks like we’re getting closer to them becoming a couple. No doubt, it seems like everyone agrees and Cody will definitely be good for her. After everything Sasha’s done done through Over the years, she deserves a long break from the heartache so she can be happy.

General Hospital sweeps spoilers: Port Charles’s hottest new couple?

it appears that G h Sasha is finally going to find some happiness. Cody is being proved Sasha just knows how much he cares for her and she can trust him. It definitely seems like she trusts him and is opening up to him more.

As we approach May Sweeps, Sasha and Cowboy Cody will make a decision one way or the other. Either they start dating or say stay friends general Hospital. However, it’s highly likely that they will take the leap and become an official couple.

G h It is getting exciting as we get closer to May Sweeps. Don’t miss a moment to see Sasha Gilmore starts a new chapter Of Love with hunky Cody Bell on the ABC daytime drama.

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