General Hospital Prediction: Kristina Fights to Keep the Baby?

general Hospital predictions suggest Christina Corinthos She may not be able to give up the baby she’s carrying and could fight for custody on the ABC daytime drama.

General Hospital: Christina Corinthos is carrying Molly and TJ’s baby

currently, on G h, Christina Corinthos is acting as a surrogate for her sister, Molly Lansing, and Molly’s partner, TJ Ashford. Her pregnancy is well advanced, and the baby will be here before they know it. When Chrissy first offered to be their surrogate, both TJ and Molly were against the idea.

At first, it was devastating to Molly that her sister could have children and she could not. But more than that, she and TJ were worried that the situation could get very messy. If they went with a surrogate, they didn’t know that when the baby was born, that person would be out of their lives.

And they will be free to raise their child general Hospital. But, because Christina is Molly’s sister, they are linked for life. Christina not going anywhere And she is going to be in the child’s life as their aunt. So, they were very uneasy about it at first, and with good reason.

General Hospital Predictions: Christina Corinthos (Kate Mansi)
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But when their first surrogate miscarries, Molly is so heartbroken that she reconsiders taking Chrissie up on her offer. However, she was right to be worried as things are taking a dramatic turn now as Christina is getting closer to her delivery date, especially since she is biologically the child’s mother.

Chrissy is raising eyebrows on GH

TJ Ashford (Taj Bello) has been worried from the beginning about all the things that could go wrong with Christina Corinthos (Kate Mansi). But, he didn’t want to be bothered molly lansing (Kristen Vaganos). Therefore, he remained silent. However, he is no longer able to hide his growing concerns. general Hospital.

In fact, he worries that Christina will judge him and Molly as parents and try to establish themselves as the parents in the child’s life. But, right now, his biggest concern is Chrissy’s safety because of her mob boss father, sonny corinthos (Maurice Bénard). If she is in physical danger, the unborn baby is also in danger.

Also, there is the fact that he is having a fight jocelyn jacks (Aiden McCoy) is over Sonny and is stressing herself out. Of course, this is not good for the baby. So, recently, on general Hospital, TJ expresses his concerns to Christina and suggests that she keep her distance from her father. Naturally, she got upset. Then, she turned to her mother, alexis davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) for support.

Concerns are growing over General Hospital

However, Alexis’s concerns are developing for his own reasons Christina’s recent behavior. While talking to her mother, the baby started kicking and Christina claimed it as hers several times. Really, it seems like the line between aunty and mommy is starting to blur.

And things could get even worse as she gets closer to her due date. She thinks she knows what she’s getting herself into. However, when the time comes for Chrissy to leave the baby in her womb, it may be harder than she ever thought. And that could spell disaster for all of them G h.

General Hospital Predictions: Will Christina Try To Keep The Baby?

The way this is going, there’s a very good chance that Christina could be fighting with her sister and TJ over the little one. In fact, it seems like things are going that way as Chrissy is starting to see this baby as her own. After all, biologically, it is. And having a falling out with TJ doesn’t help.

She could try to break their agreement and raise their child alone. However, this may not be a possibility for him. Legally she may have no choice but to abandon the child. Actually, that’s always been the plan general Hospital. She will be an aunt but nothing more than that.

But that doesn’t stop him from fighting. And even if she loses, it will likely destroy her relationship with Molly and rock the Davis family. G h full of shockers, Don’t miss a minute to see Christina Corinthos She realizes she can’t do it Hand your baby over to your sister on the ABC soap opera.

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