Gray Zone Warfare: How to complete the Rat’s Nest task

Along with the Radio Silence task in Gray Zone Warfare, another task that can cause problems for you is the Rat’s Nest. The game is full of these tasks and many of the issues involve finding the location of the objectives in the first place. Let us make it a little easier for you.

The Rat’s Nest is a two-part quest that you receive from Handshake that requires you to explore two different locations at either end of Nam Thawen.

Okay, let’s infiltrate and get to work

How to complete a rat’s nest

To start with we need the map locations of the North-West Hideout and the Eastern Hideout as this is where we need to raid.

rat nest coordinates

  • North West: Map 169, 120
  • East: map 172118

If you look at your map you will see that these intersections are on opposite ends of the city. That’s game designers for you, who never make anything simple.

Both bases have red graffiti on their exterior so you can easily identify them when you get there. Both are heavily guarded so getting in and out will not be a silent task.

In the northwestern hideout, after clearing you will need to go upstairs and get the criminal’s notepad which you will find on the table.

The eastern hideout also needs to be cleared before you can go upstairs and pick up the thug’s smartphone lying on the desk.

hand over your intelligence

Now you have both pieces of intelligence, you need to go back to base camp and find Handshake. Give him/her information by accessing the menu, selecting Handshake from the Seller section and selecting Hand Over.

Work done. mission complete.

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