Here’s one Japanese store’s enterprising method of selling broken Intel chips — for less than $5

Would you like to buy an Intel CPU for less than 5% of its full price? Of course, you will do that.

Too good to be true? About. The story focuses on an entrepreneurial electronics store that is selling chips From the gacha machine. Instead of a small plastic toy packaged in an egg-shaped bubble, it gives you a useful piece of Intel hardware.

As YouTuber Sawara-san points out, for the nominal sum of 500 yen (about $3.25), you can pick up a CPU, or as many as you want to line your pocket.

Further testing and diagnostics using Windows Task Manager revealed that the Intel chip, like all other displays, comes with significant flaws. intel The Core i7-8700 was found to have only five working cores and 10 threads whereas an optimal piece should be fully equipped with six cores and 12 threads.

What’s the point of selling broken Intel chips?

No one can complain about the price. It’s a deal, even if you’ll be limited in what you can do with the chip, the full, unbroken version of which currently sells for about $200.

And it’s an easy way for retailers to recoup some extra cash provided the hardware ends up on the scrap heap. This solution won’t be permanent, but it shouldn’t be either. Governments and big tech must answer the big questions over e-waste, but if, in the meantime, some chips can find a new home and a longer lifespan, they still serve a purpose.

CPUs can also be quirky souvenirs, as it’s not every day that tech enthusiasts can get one (or several) of these chips to work as they wish. This is another new idea from what vendors are known for, and probably not one that will interest everyone. Still, what a unique, fun, and cheap way to sell broken Intel chips.

Image Credit: Ideogram