Honkai: Star Rail 2.3 – everything we know so far, release date and new character

While we’re still a ways away from Honkai: Star Rails’ 2.3 update, some details are starting to emerge about what we can expect in the Hoovers sometime in the middle of this year.

Honkai: Star Rail continues to compete with the mighty Genshin Impact, which is Going to version 4.6 soonAs a stable companion to a gacha game with another license to print money.

However, honky-tonk Star Rail is trying to forge its own path away from its older sibling and was actually knocked off the number one spot for a brief period late last year.

With both games going strong there’s no sign of an end to updates (and leaks, really) in the near future, so let’s take a look at what we can expect from HSR when it reaches its 2.3 birthday.

Honkai: When is Star Rails 2.3 released?

At this stage, we are looking at data from around June. The 2.2 update will be with us soon, so this will give a few months of run time. As soon as version 2.2 is released on Friday, we expect leaks and news for 2.3 to increase considerably.

Honkai: What do we know about Star Rails 2.3?

Even at this early stage, some details are emerging. We know that we will be getting a new character, Jugnu, who will be a new five-star character. Firefly has already been a part of the game as an NPC but will become playable in the 2.3 update.

A Post from the official HSR X account Titled “Extraterrestrial Satellite Communication,” we got some new information about the character, who will be voiced in English by Annalisa Fisher and Aiden Rudd.

The post has already received almost eight million views – an indicator of how popular the game is.