Instagram now lets you post a secret Story that viewers can uncover with a DM | TechCrunch

Instagram is adding some new features to Stories to give users more creative ways to share content and engage with each other, the company said. announced on Friday. Most notably, the social network is introducing a new “Reveal” feature that lets you post a hidden story to your followers by sending them a DM. Instagram is also launching other features that let you share your favorite songs and highlight memories through Stories.

To access the new Reveal feature, you need to tap on the sticker icon while creating a Story and select the “Reveal” option. From there, you’ll be asked to type a prompt about your blur story. Once you post your story, your friends will only be able to see the content of your story if they send you a DM.

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Although this feature can be a good way to start a conversation with a friend, Reveal is especially useful for creators, as it will allow them to get more engagement for their stories. Instagram notes that you won’t need to approve every DM for your Story to appear, so creators won’t have to worry about receiving thousands of DMs.

Instagram is also launching a new “Add Your Music” sticker to Stories, which lets users share a song that suits their mood, while encouraging their followers to share a song as well Is. This feature is built into Instagram “Add Yours” stickers Which allows users to respond to other users’ stories by following a prompt or a certain topic.

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Additionally, users are getting access to a new “Frames” feature that turns a photo into a virtual Polaroid that users can view by shaking their phone (if you don’t want to shake your phone, you can reveal You can click the “Shake” button for. While Stories are traditionally used to share content about what you’re doing, this new feature is designed for more old posts. Is.

Once you select an image for the feature, Frames stickers will automatically add the date and timestamp of when the photo was taken. You can also choose to add a caption to the virtual Polaroid.

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Another new feature called “Cutouts” will let users turn part of any video or photo in their Camera Roll into a custom sticker that they can add to a Story or Reel. is similar in feature apple image cutout Tool that lets you “lift” an object from a photo or video by simply pressing your finger.

The launch of the new features comes as Instagram announced it on Tuesday This is bringing some new changes Its ranking system to better highlight content from small, original creators. As part of the changes, Instagram is replacing reposts in recommendations with original content, adding labels to reposted content and removing content aggregators from recommendations. The announcement followed months of criticism from creators who said their reach was negatively impacted by the algorithm.