Is Hot Sauce the Healthiest Condiment?

In connection with our recent collaboration with the TABASCO® brand, we wanted to ask a registered dietitian how hot sauce, and specifically TABASCO® sauce, compares to other condiments.

Walk down the condiment aisle at any grocery store and there’s a good chance you’ll find a row of hot sauce bottles. Often made with three key ingredients – aged red pepper, salt and distilled white vinegar – the first hot sauce was reportedly Built by the Aztecs in 7000 BC,

But is hot sauce healthier than other condiments? We asked registered dietitian Katherine Basbaum, MS, RD, whether all these spices are good for you, according to the research.

Potential Health Benefits of Hot Sauce

“Many of the reported health benefits of hot sauce are specifically linked to the active ingredient in chili, called capsaicin,” Basbaum explains. Studies have shown that capsaicin may:

One caveat, according to Basbaum: While research shows some connection between hot sauce and positive health outcomes, many of the studies have used higher concentrations of capsaicin than the average person would consume. Aka, you’re unlikely to see significant benefits in a standard serving of hot sauce.

Hot Sauce vs. Other Condiments

With 0 calories per 1-tablespoon serving, hot sauce is lower in calories than most other condiments. It also has 0 grams of fat, making it a lower fat option than anything else mayonnaise containing 11 grams of fat or FarmWhich has 16. Plus, the hot sauce has 0 grams of sugar or carbs.

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And as far as comparing hot sauces to one another goes, TABASCO® sauce has one of the lowest sodium by far. “Some other brands of hot sauce with similar flavors have five times more sodium per teaspoon than TABASCO® sauce,” explains Basbaum.

Is hot sauce healthy?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: “There’s no doubt that hot sauce is an excellent way to help maintain a healthy diet because it adds a lot of flavor to foods with zero calories and a small amount of sodium,” Basbaum explains.

She says it’s a satisfying alternative to other sauces and seasonings that are high in fat, sugar or calories.

How to Add Hot Sauce to Your Diet

When it comes to adding hot sauce to your daily menu, a few shakes of the bottle can add a lot of flavor to almost any meal or meal. But some of our favorites include:

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Basbaum generally warns not to overindulge in any hot sauce, especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

And if you’re curious about sodium content, you can always track your intake. MyFitnessPal, This way you can enjoy your daily dose of hot sauce without the excess salt.