Is Justin Hartley’s Wife Sofia Pernas Returning to Tracker?

Justin Hartley and Sophia Parnas. Michael Courtney/CBS

Justin Hartley And Sophia Parnas reunited on screen for an episode of CBS’ tracker – And this is only the beginning.

trackerWhich premiered in February 2024, it centers around a survivalist named Colter (Hartley) who travels across the country helping people and law enforcement deal with a variety of mysteries. As the series unfolds, viewers learn more about how Colter’s past has shaped her present life as a lone wolf who prefers to isolate herself from others.

Adaptation of Jeffrey Dever’s novel The Never Game Hartley was allowed to star in the show and executive produce the show. together this is us Producer and Director ken ollin,

Parnas made his first appearance in March 2024 as Colter’s ex Billy, who had previously cheated him out of the bounty.

Justin Hartley and wife Sophia Parnas' onscreen trackers reveal highlights from the reunion

Connected: Every time Justin Hartley and wife Sophia Parnas shared the screen

After meeting on set, Justin Hartley and Sofia Parnas have continued to enjoy sharing the screen. The pair originally met each other in 2015 while shooting The Young and the Restless. Hartley and Parnas starred in the serial for about a year before moving on to other projects. “You meet in different capacities. we didn’t work […]

“I love this role. I love everything about it. I’ve always loved playing strong women, and I think these roles find me, honestly,” Parnas explains. People those days. “I never play cheerleader. I don’t know why. I would love to, but I don’t think it’s in the plans for me.”

Parnas further explained how he collaborated with Hartley On the dynamics between their characters.

“It wasn’t actually written in the script for us to kiss,” she explained. entertainment tonight Same month. “We played with some moments where it felt like, do they kiss in this moment? Just because there’s a lot of history, and there was a lot of stress, and there was a certain life-threatening event that happened right before, so there’s all this pent-up pressure.”

Colter and Billie’s reunion sparks chemistry but the fictional pair ultimately can’t make it work. However, Parnas did not dismiss Colter and Billy. Crossing paths again in the future.

“I think she’s afraid of being vulnerable, and I think if she had dinner with him, she would have to address the pink elephant in the room inside her and be like, ‘Oh shit, I really want this. Like the guy,'” Parnas notes. People, “I think she’s someone who maybe doesn’t like to express her feelings as readily as she addresses other things.”

Keep scrolling for details from Hartley and Parnas about Billie and her future tracker,

setting the scene

What Justin Hartley and Sophia Parnas have to say about their return for more episodes of Tracker 562
Ed Urquelle/CBS

before appearing before Parnas trackerHartley discussed the thought process behind bringing his wife on the show.

“Yes, Sofia is coming in episode 6. That’s a blast from the past. Colter had a relationship with him, and they were kind of in the bounty business together. And then he sold it on the river bank. It wasn’t very good,” Hartley explained. hollywood reporter In February 2024. “Their relationship was on the rocks, and she comes back into his life for a certain reason and they are forced to work together to reach a common goal.”

Hartley signals billy There won’t be just any guest star, adding, “By the time you get to episode six, you’ll see that it’s out of Colter’s comfort zone. Obviously there’s an attraction there, but what happened is very sad.

just the beginning

Justin Hartley and wife Sophia Parnas put their chemistry on full display in Tracker clip

Justin Hartley and Sophia Parnas. Michael Courtney/CBS

Parnas said that his presence on Tracker “opened the door a little bit”. For possible continuity.

“I love her. She’s such a great character. She’s trying to hide a lot, because obviously, she’s very insecure,” she explained. at, “I think it’s great to watch both of them play. He’s obviously very confident and commanding and powerful when he walks into a room, but I think, because of his history and everything going on, it’s nice to see that hole in the vulnerability.

never say Never

Justin Hartley and wife Sophia Parnas put their chemistry on full display in Tracker clip
Ed Urquelle/CBS

Parnas said, “I don’t think there’s any chance of this being repeated in Colter’s life because they’ve always been in completely different places from each other.” the parade In March 2024. “But I think [Billie] It’s just that something or the other keeps coming in and out of his life and ruffles a few feathers on the way out, or maybe not. That’s the beauty of this whole thing.

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locked in plans

During a March 2024 interview, Parnas confirmed that she would now return to Tracker Was renewed for a second season,

“It will definitely be a season 2,” she told People About his final return. “I think Colter needs to be told a lot of things before he goes to Billy.”

it’s official

Hartley revealed in May 2024 that Parnas is one of the guest stars who will return in future episodes of the CBS series, telling Collider, “[Sofia] Coming back. jensen [Ackles] Is going to come back. melissa [Roxburgh] Is going to come back. Here’s another leak for you. They are all coming back.”