Jon Gosselin Teams Up with DJ Casper to Release New Music

Jon Gosselin is coming out with new music!

Yes true.

Apart from his daily job and public figure status, Jon Gosselin is also a professional DJ,

He is now part of a musical duo. New songs are coming this summer, and one single is already out (below).

Jon Gosselin in March 2024.
Jon Gosselin attends Kickz for Kids with celebrity philanthropist Patrick Carroll at the Conrad Prebys Escondido Branch – Boys & Girls Club on March 07, 2024. (Photo credit: Jerrod Harris/Getty Images for M. Patrick Carroll)

DJ Casper and Jon Gosselin are teaming up

Jay-Z, Akon and Nicki Minaj are the same Some? Among the big names he has worked with over the years is DJ Cassper (real name Joseph Wright).

It just so happens that he also becomes close friends with fellow DJ Jon Gosselin.

together, famous dj casper explains American SunThey are working to create “high-energy, feel-good music”.

DJ Casper in February 2020.DJ Casper in February 2020.
DJ Casper performs during the iTalk “Motivational Nightlife” event at the Ogilvy & Mather Advertisement on February 21, 2020. (Photo credit: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for iTalk Events)

Their collaboration has already released one song, “Voicemail”. You can listen to that track below.

More will be revealed in summer 2024.

Collaborating on music like this may be a bit new for the pair. but their friendship continues way Back.

Jon Gosselin and DJ Casper met at a DJ convention

dj casper remembered American Sun How they met 10 years ago and have remained friends ever since. He is clearly excited about their collaboration.

He announced, “John and I are making upbeat, vibrant, high-energy, feel-good music.” This is definitely an underappreciated feeling towards music.

“And,” he admitted, “I’m not sure whether the music will really conform to any particular genre yet.”

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Jon Gosselin opened up to a notorious TV charlatan about how his divorce caused him to lose everything and how his ex-wife became perverted and insane. (Image credit: NBC)

DJ Casper then described his and Jon Gosselin’s collaboration, saying, “A lot of the music will feel like a beach setting or something you would listen to on an island.”

“When I hear the first song,” he reflected, “I imagine driving down Rodeo Drive or South Beach in my convertible with the top down or being at the club and just wanting to come over.”

DJ Casper then shared: “John’s life experiences, the stories we share, and our mutual foundation of friendship absolutely influence the music we are making.”

Cold waves seem perfect for Jon Gosselin’s new music

years ago, when jon and kate plus 8 When it first aired (and, frankly, first signaled TLC’s cultural decline), John didn’t seem like a good father. He seemed like a man who was in over his head and more interested in enjoying his newfound fame than devoting himself to being a parent.

Perhaps that public perception was unfair. Or maybe it wasn’t. John is a flawed person – he’s a much better parent than that his evil ex wife,

John’s “party boy” image still remains in the minds of many people. And even though her children are all adults and he has a day’s workSome people may scoff at him for creating “party boy” music.

But? John is at a place in life where he is balancing between happiness and sadness. he has his beloved lady love but he also lives separated from many of his children,

Many people with many different life circumstances can relate. Sometimes, all you need to get through a bad time is good vibes – from TV, from friends, from music.

John and DJ Casper can definitely add it to the music. Even if they don’t create the “Song of the Summer” in 2024, they’ll definitely gain some new fans for their duet.