Joy-Cons on Nintendo Switch 2 said to be ‘magnetically’ attached

According to a report from Spanish-language gaming news site Vandal, the slide-on Joy-Cons may see a change in the latest version of the Nintendo device.

Instead of the easy and much talked about way of clicking in controllers, report There are suggestions that the Japanese company may opt for a magnetic attachment mechanism instead.

Vandal says he has received information from manufacturers who have been in contact Nintendo Switch successor After being allowed to put their hands in an opaque box so that they can understand its dimensions and design without compromising the privacy of the hardware.

The new Switch 2 controllers are said to attach magnetically to the screen, making it difficult to be fully compatible with current Joy-Cons.

The assistant manufacturer also told the Spanish publisher that Nintendo is waiting for a more powerful catalog before the Nintendo Switch 2 goes on sale. This suggests that the release is more likely to take place next year, although there has been no indication from the developer about this.

What to expect from Nintendo Switch 2?

The video game company has not revealed any teasers for the release, nor is the actual date known. However, this hasn’t stopped the rumors flowing, with suggestions that it could happen as early as 2025.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to be larger than the original, but not as large as the Steam Deck. In a report of Taiwanese Economic Forum On Reddit, there’s a suggestion that we could see a 120Hz display as well as significantly improved battery life.

The report also suggests that the Switch 2 is only getting 8GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage.

Although the rumors have not been confirmed, another suggestion may be as a result of the update price hike, Some suggest the cost will increase by about 33% to $400.

The translation on the Taiwanese forum reads: “It is widely rumored in the industry that Nintendo is expected to launch a new Switch this year to capture the market. In response to the pressure of global inflation and the weak yen, the price of the new product will be increased unprecedentedly. The retail price will increase from $300 to $400, an increase of 33%.”

Featured Image: Photo by lucas santos But unsplash