Kate and Oliver Hudson Were Contacted by Half-Brother Who Was Adopted

Oliver Hudson and Kate Hudson. Jennifer Greylock/INFphoto.com

cat And oliver hudson‘s family expanded in an unexpected way – again.

“We found out eight years ago that we had an adopted brother,” Kate, 45, shared of her and Oliver’s episode on Monday, April 22. “Sibling Rivalry” Podcast, “And he was put up for adoption and none of us knew who his father was.”

Kate and Oliver, 47, have children goldie hawn And bill hudson, Bill, 74, who has several children from other relationships, was not always present in her life. Kate and Oliver often speak fondly of Goldie, 78, and her longtime partner, Kurt Russell, whom they call “Pa”. Goldie and Kurt, 73, who have been together since 1983, have a son Wyatt Russell, (Kurt, 73, also has son Boston, 44, with his ex-wife Ritu Hubli,

Kate said it was “wild” when her half-brother, named Paul, contacted to join them. The actress shared, “One of the things that Paul said was that he had a great childhood and he had a really full, happy life and he never felt like he had to go out and find out who his birth parents were. Who was the father?” “It was actually his wife who was like, ‘I want to know what your history is. I want to know for our kids, for you.’ And so, he basically left it at that, saying, ‘If you want to figure it out, go ahead.’

Although the siblings said they have not yet truly known Paul, Oliver revealed that he physically “looks like Hudson.”

“He loves fishing. I’m a big fisherman,” Oliver said, to which Kate added, “And her kids are very creative and athletic. I mean, it definitely fits the whole Hudson vibe.

One thing the two aren’t sure about yet is whether Paul has inherited his family’s musical ability, although Kate jokes that Oliver doesn’t have much musical ability himself. “What are you talking about? I can f–king sing,” Oliver clapped back. “I don’t think you give me enough credit.”

Kate and Oliver Hudson remember 'wild' story of discovering they have a half-brother on their father's side
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Kate and Oliver previously opened up about getting to know Paul february episode Of his podcast. “I come over to my house and there’s a note under the door,” Oliver shared earlier this year. “And it says, ‘My name is Paul. I’d love to chat with you.’ “Turns out, this boy, Paul, who lives in Utah, is our half-brother. My father had him when he was 16 and had to give him up for adoption.”

At the time, Oliver said that thanks to 23andMe, he and Kate discovered they may have another half-sibling. “We’re trying to figure it out,” she said, revealing that Paul had slipped the note under her door during a trip to Disneyland in California.

Kate said that Paul thought Oliver would be better [sibling] To give a note. “And the irony is that Oliver said, ‘I can’t deal with this.'”

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Oliver told that one of his friends had called Paul’s number posing as his assistant, but Paul did not fall into his trap. “The first thing [Paul] Said it’s like, ‘Yeah, I think it’s your brother’s [assistant] – He said she was his assistant – but it didn’t sound very professional,’ which made me immediately realize that he was actually our brother,’ Kate joked.

Paul is not Kate’s only sibling recently joined, “Last year I had this moment where I thought, ‘I don’t know why I don’t talk to my other siblings,'” she shared on a January episode of the podcast, referring to bill’s children:Emily, Zachary and Lalania. “I don’t care what our parents’ history is… I have two sisters who I don’t talk to for no other reason than that our family is separated.”

While speaking on the phone with one of her sisters, Kate said they both “just started bawling our eyes out,” adding, “It was so nice. [My sister] Even said, ‘We start right now.’ We begin now.”