Lala Kent Says She Was Puzzled by Ariana Madix’s New Relationship

Lala Kent He is confused by how fast he is vanderpump rules Co-star, ariana madixAfter her ex-boyfriend moved on to a new relationship, Tom Sandoval’s affair with Rachel Lewis This was revealed in March.

in an appearance Two Teas in a Pod Podcast This week, Kent, 33, said she couldn’t understand how Madix, 38, could be so “hurt” by Sandoval’s betrayal, even though she was dating someone new within weeks of the scandal breaking.

“When it happened on March 1, and then I think by March 10, she was already married and she had already met a new guy… you start dating someone, you live in the house, you come back to this show,” Kent said of Madix. “I understand the pain you’re going through, but if I can relate to it, and then I see how you can move on from something so traumatic, I can’t understand how you can be so despondent.”

Madix Started dating Daniel Y. The news came shortly after Sandoval’s months-long romance with Lewis broke. Kent questioned how Madix could go from being “grey rocked” and evasive on the Bravo reality show to dating someone new so quickly after her public infidelity.

Ariana Madix and Daniel Wie , Presley Ann/Getty Images for Sophie

Kent also accused Madix of being the “devil” on set and not being open enough about the scandal during filming vanderpump rules He claimed producers had to shut down production to convince Madix to reveal more about her experience.

Kent revealed, “The cameras stopped Season 10 so the producers could talk to Ariana, like, ‘You’ve got to give something. You’ve got to care a little bit.'” “If you’re someone who thinks like, ‘I don’t care.’ Great…I don’t know what that is [reality TV] This is the place for you.”

Kent stood by her decision to break the fourth wall at the Season 11 reunion and force Madix to talk about her infidelity to Sandoval on camera. Despite criticism from co-star Tom Schwartz, Kent argued that it’s part of doing a reality show authentically.

Ariana Madix and Daniel Wie , Daniel Y/Instagram

The reality star also said viewers hated her “so much” last season, with some even attacking her parenting abilities. Still, Kent has expressed skepticism about how quickly Madix moved on romantically following the painful scandal.

Though filming for season 12 hasn’t begun just yet, ET previously reported that the show is not going to end,

While Bravo has yet to comment on the casting, a source tells ET, “There’s always a chance of cast changes or old cast members moving to another location.” valleyBut no decision has been taken yet.”

Kent, who is mom to 3-year-old Ocean with her ex-husband Randall Emmett and is pregnant with her second child, was one. VPR What the cast members thought Could be a step towards a spinoff of the serieswhich stars Jax Teller, Brittany Cartwright And Kristen Doute,

Lala Kent , Nicole Weingart/Bravo

However, it seems that this is no longer the case, because Taylor has expressed his dislike of the idea, a comment which Kent responded to on the podcast by calling him an “idiot”. He also revealed that he and Taylor’s estranged wife Cartwright “taking a break from each other,

As far as when is concerned VPR As for when Season 12 will begin filming — and which cast members will be there when the cameras lift — ET’s source notes that the cast has commitments to other projects — including Madix’s On hosting duties Love Island And He returns to Broadway in Augustas well as Lisa Vanderpump Hulu is possibly filming a second season Vanderpump Villa— “These factors play a role in that decision.”

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