Lara Croft’s sexy pinups will be added back to Tomb Raider remaster

The first three Tomb Raider games – first published between 1996 and 1998 – were relaunched as Tomb Raider Remastered I-III in February, andAlthough the remasters have received praise, there have also been some glitches and mishaps when porting the old to the new.

One glitch not entirely expected by fans involves a set of pinup posters starring heroine Lara Croft in the locker room before the “Sleeping with Fish” act in The Lost Artifact add-on for Tomb Raider III.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that these pinups were in the same show as they were in the original game, but if the player switched the game to its updated and remade visuals, they disappeared.

lara croft For example, pinup posters were completely removed from Tomb Raider 3 in the latest patch, leading players to assume Aspyr was intentionally censoring the game. However, it appears that this was not intentionally removed and instead, it was a simple developer error.

pinup in tomb raider 3

Disproving what most think about censoring in the HD version, Aspire actually thanked passionate fans for bringing it to their attention. studio where did it go That “posters for Sleeping with the Fishes (The Lost Artifact) were inadvertently removed in the HD version of the game”, suggests that even the developers were not aware that this had happened.

These posters will return to the game “in Patch 3” but when that will happen is currently unknown as there has been no official announcement for the release date of this next update.

If we look at previous updates, these have been pushed back to the middle of the month, so if the trend continues, we could see Patch 3 hit our screens between May 10-18.

However, not everyone wants the posters to return, as their nature is somewhat grotesque. A User on Tomb Raider Forums Suggested they were “inconsistent” and actually “broke the immersion” which others agree with. Whether you’re a fan or not, though, these images will return.

Maybe a toggle option could be included in further updates to allow angry people to intentionally remove them for the sake of their playthrough.