Luke Bryan Jokes About Falling Onstage During Concert

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luke brian The reason he was not seriously injured is believed to be the extra padding on his body. fall on stage During his concert last weekend.

“Whether it was the phone or the slippery conditions… when I landed, the first thing that caught my eye was the phone,” Brian, 47, said. tmz Had an accident on Monday, April 22.

When asked if he was “not hurt” and “everybody’s okay”, Brian joked, “Hey, I got a lot of meat in there.”

Footage of his performance at the Coast City Country Festival in Vancouver, Canada on Saturday, April 20, showed Brian suddenly falling flat on his back after tripping on a fan’s phone.

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The country singer then started laughing and sat down and held up the phone for the audience to see.

“Catch. Did anyone find it?” Brian asked the crowd, checking himself for possible injuries. “No problem. Hey, my lawyer must be calling.

He then threw the phone back into the crowd before asking if anyone had filmed his fall. “You’re Snapchatting. You can’t Snapchat like that,” he told an audience member. “Oh yes! Okay, here we go again. I’m there, there we go…she’s there! It’s viral, okay, it’s viral.”

Luke Bryan was asked about his concert fall on American Idol

luke brian Disney/Eric McCandless

Brian too laughed Her now-viral slip during Sunday, April 21’s episode American Idol after the host Ryan Seacrest Referred to his fall.

“I just want to check to make sure. Luke, you doing okay?” Seacrest, 49, joked. “You looked fine there at the beginning of the show. Are you harmed in any way?”

After initially pretending he didn’t know what Seacrest was talking about, the “But I’ve Got a Beer in My Hand” singer eventually gave fans an update after Seacrest replayed the clip, which Brian Said to be “good old-fashioned stupidity”.

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“I’m fine, baby!” He added. ,[It was] Truly the best moment of the night.”

Brian’s Canadian leg tour mind of a country boy Set to expire Thursday, April 25. The country star will kick off the next leg of his tour in Jacksonville, Florida in June.

Between tour dates, fans can see Brian American IdolWhere he has also been a judge katy perry And Lionel Richie Since season 16 in 2018.

Although the 39-year-old Perry announced in February that this season would “probably” be his last, Bryan admitted that he was not surprised by his decision.

“I’d heard whispers that she was thinking about it – it wasn’t a huge shock,” he said. taste of country earlier this month. “I think she was just caught up in the moment [Jimmy] Kimmel And perhaps announced that his work was done.

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and late perry thinks jelly Roll This will be a good replacement for him once he says goodbye statue family, Brian told TMZ he “can’t get into” who he wants to see on the judging panel.

“Anyone would be great,” he shared.

American Idol Airs Sundays and Mondays at 8pm ET on ABC.