Manor Lords next patch will fix the homelessness issue

Unlike many of this year’s surprise hit games like Palworld and Helldivers, everyone expected Manor Lords to do really well and it did. Great sales on Steam and its presence on Game Pass have opened up the world of city building of the Middle Ages to those who have enjoyed it.

However, there is early access to Manor Lords, so those bugs need to be ironed out and content added. The developers of Slavic Magic have promised regular patches to fix the worst of the teething problems and it looks like the first of these will be with us in the near future.

taking in the manor lords account on x They said:

“Key points for the planned next patch:
-Fix all weird homeless bugs
-Fix archer damage
-Adjust the mechanics of trade oversupply (it’s too harsh and penalizes regional specialization)
-Slow down the rate of AI claiming territories
Oh and…
– Improve soffit efficiency/storage.

The same thread asked him if they would fix the issue of games not loading after a save game, to which he replied, “If that’s GamePass/MS Store, that’s sadly on Microsoft’s side.” Is. We have informed them and they are working on it. This can supposedly be fixed by reinstalling gaming services and re-logging into the Game Bar (Windows+G). Annoying but this is what we got for now.”

This isn’t the first time that Xbox Game Pass users have had a bad experience with regards to game saves – even Baldur’s Gate 3 players have suffered months of disruption and corrupted save files and it appears that More games are starting to suffer.

Hopefully, the Manor Lords team can work with Microsoft to fix this homelessness problem in the next few days.

There is no date for the patch yet but we will let you know as soon as its date comes. In the meantime, if you’re struggling Survive the winter at Manor LordsHere is some important help just for you.