Mark Consuelos Reveals to Wife Kelly Ripa He Kissed Another Woman

mark consuelos He is opening up about the “passionate” moment he shared with a fellow football fan during their recent trip to Italy. on Tuesday stay with kelly and markThe married father of three enthusiastically discussed his weekend trip to support Campobasso FC soccer club, calling it “the weekend of all weekends.”

Riverdale The 53-year-old alumnus shared that his team was a fourth division football team that needed to win their game and tie one more game or go a certain way to advance in the division.

When both of these things happened, Consuelos shared that all bets were off as the crowd at Campobasso went wild. Showing footage of a plexiglass barrier between fans and the team, Consuelos revealed a sexy moment she shared with a fellow fan.


“I see this woman. Let’s call her my aunt,” Consuelos quipped. “We look at each other, and she’s so excited and there’s this glass and we come over to the glass and, you know, I kiss her.”

Consuelos’ wife and co-host, kelly ripaAsked if her husband had found “footage” of the kiss, which she claims took place with her eyes closed.

“That doesn’t happen. You never close your eyes!” said a surprised Ripa.

“I closed my eyes and my back foot went up, like,” Consuelos said, teasing a foot pop.

“It’s unbelievable, like, with your mouth open?” Ripa pressed.

“No, like a kiss, but it was passionate,” Consuelos replied, laughing.

Ripa asked her husband if he was having an “emotional affair”, to which he laughed and said, “It could have been a guy, by the way, I don’t know.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos talk about their kiss on the April 30, 2024 episode of Live with Kelly & Mark. , fox

But Ripa wasn’t buying it.

“Don’t try to protect yourself now! You already have to qualify this as someone else’s aunt,” Ripa responded.

Ripa also noted that the plexiglass that her husband was “made out of” had been wiped down by the sweaty football players’ naked bodies just moments earlier.

Coincidentally, Consuelos’ emotional moment came just before she and Ripa celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

The couple eloped in Las Vegas in 1996 and returned to the chapel in February where they married.

“Oh my God, that place is timeless,” Consuelos told ET, “It’s almost like a time capsule…it’s almost exactly the same.”

“It’s stuck in time,” Ripa said, smiling.

Consuelos and Ripa – who met while working together on the daytime soap opera all my Children – Escaped from the Chapel of the Bells in May 1996.

Ripa and Consuelos have three children – Michael, 26, Lola, 22, and Joaquin, 21.

In late April, Consuelos and Ripa celebrated their Daytime Emmy Nominations with ET But Time 100 gala.

“I think we worked really well together,” Consuelos said at the time. “I was just saying how fast this year has been, it’s probably been the fastest year of my life. We’ve had a lot of fun.”

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