Mark Wahlberg Hits Back With Topless Video as David Beckham Sues

David Beckham and Mark Wahlberg Mike Ehrman/Getty Images

Mark Wahlberg His old alter ego “Marky Mark” has shown that he is still alive and active by sharing a new thirst trap video of himself in the midst of David Beckham trial.

The actor posted the seemingly random clip, which showed off his fantastic abs, as his first “reaction” since it was revealed that he is Being sued for $10 million Earlier this week by football legend Beckham, who is his former friend.

In a video published on Instagram on Wednesday, April 24 Boogie Nights The 52-year-old star showed off her body as she stood outside early in the morning to start her workout. He recorded himself near a cold tub of water.

“You know what time it is,” he said, looking at his watch before touching the water.

“Woo!” He shouted, feeling the temperature. “let’s go!”

Wahlberg also promoted his sports gear brand Municipal in the caption, writing, “4am club 📈💯 @municipal 🏹 let’s go🔥.”

The star was famous for flaunting his abs in the 90s, when he started out as a rapper with the stage name Marky Mark. When he moved to Hollywood, he shed his old image to be taken seriously as an actor.

This post comes after Beckham remained silent on the lawsuit against his company F45. First filed in 2022, the case was taken to a federal court where a judge ordered a jury trial.

Beckham, 48, claims in court documents obtained by TMZ that F45 “tricked” him into signing an endorsement deal.

He says the first thing he did was agree to serve as F45’s global ambassador when he moved to Los Angeles in August 2021. While living in LA, Beckham hooked up with Wahlberg. (Neither star currently lives in California. The English athlete is based in Miami and running his soccer team while Wahlberg lives in Las Vegas.)

Mark Wahlberg posts thirst trap amid Beckham lawsuit

Mark Wahlberg when he was known as Marky Mark Ron Davis/Getty Images

According to legal documents, Beckham says he never received the $10 million he was offered in contract negotiations. He was reportedly promised stocks as compensation, which were never delivered after share prices fell.

Meanwhile, Wahlberg’s lawyers denied the claims and called the allegations of “fraudulent conduct” baseless in a motion to dismiss. Sun,

According to the brand’s website, F45 is a “global fitness and lifestyle community” that offers functional training, HIIT workouts as well as nutritional guidance. Fitness has long been a priority for Wahlberg.

Action star, “I like to work out at 4 in the morning to start my day.” specifically stated us weekly In April 2018. “Unless I go to the gym, I feel worthless. …Without your health you are nothing. And happiness is limited if you don’t feel good about yourself.”