Married At First Sight: Chloe Brown Calls Out the Mean Girls – Recap [S17E26]

As married at first sight finally wrapped up, chloe brown called my friend MAFS Wives as mean girls who created burner accounts to bully him. While rosy women take up tattoos and therapy, men choose Reiki and chocolate to soothe their souls. Let’s end this nightmare season with the final recap of Season 17, Episode 26 Where are they now: to hurt or to heal.

Married at First Sight: Chloe Brown calls out other women

While Chloe Brown performed well married at first sight Looks like she broke up with her partner after the Denver reunion MAFS Wives, even on social media. Chloe Brown says despite other women wearing pink and standing up for empowerment, she bullied them online through burner accounts. Chloe has blocked them all and made her accounts private. Malicious and hateful things were said about him from a fake Facebook account.

Some bad blood stems from allegations that Chloe Brown became angry when Lauren G followed Michael Shiacalis on social media. Lauren says that she and Chloe are no longer friends. Despite Lauren knowing Michael throughout the process after bailing on his first bride. Fans were rooting for the couple to get together before Michael got a second chance with Chloe Brown. Since Lauren and Orion Martzloff were finished earlier They also agreed to proceed on stage.

Later marriage at first sight, Chloe admitted that she remains friends with all the boys. And still hangs out with Michael Shiacalis. She enlists his help in getting them all if they want to spend a day shoveling at the animal sanctuary. And admits she’s happier breaking up with toxic Barbie bullies. Of course Brennan Shoykhet and Cameron Fraser agree. They all sneer at how toxic other women are. And one of the rumors suggests Chloe wants to steal other husbands.

Married at First Sight: Chloe Brown

Married at First Sight: Orion and the boys get along just fine

Orion Martzloff enjoys a cigar and drinks with his teammates MAFS Artists partner Michael Schiakallis and Austin. While stogies and bourbon seem like the perfect way to recover, he suggests something else. A cocoa and reiki healing ceremony. There are other games. Even if Austin had to Google it at a low level. People sit on mats and the instructor (who sounds a lot like Chloe Brown) gives them hot cocoa drinks delivered by magicians riding camels.

On the other side of town the girls eat sushi and drink wine and get inked. Emily and Claire got matching small tattoos of beautiful waves. Emily says tattoos make her feel like a badass Married at first sight. claire looks absolutely bored But feigns excitement over the freshly inked squiggle. Lauren doesn’t want any tattoos to remind her of the entire experience. And Becca Haley is moving to Australia so she’ll be passing through there too.

Emily Balch heads to therapy

While the bad blood still runs deep for Emily Balch, she attends a therapy session. Emily reveals that she had some issues with her father. And this contributed to problems in her first relationship. Which was totally a marriage of a* to a random d-bag on a reality show. That’s why now she is not talking to her parents. The therapist wears men’s jewelry and is more interested in asking Emily out than solving her problems. But he tells her that calm seas make weak sailors so she will be very good.

Denver Ex-Wives Club meets to donate their dresses Married at first sight. Lauren suggests not paying too much attention to Emily Brennan and moves on. Chloe and Michael drink espresso martinis and discuss other women. Chloe suggests that they don’t actually want to heal. But to continue the suffering they must invite everyone over for a drink. Not surprisingly, no one comes out except Austin and his roommate.

Conversation turns awkward when roommate asks Chloe something she’ll have to get used to when we live together Michael. It seems she spent most of her waking hours naked and helicoptering into his face. But he gifted her his orange/metallic sweater as a consolation prize. We get a mystical account of all the people in their natural habitat. Cameron Fraser riding a bike. Orion Martzloff is crying. And Brennan is looking at herself in the mirror without a shirt. And thats a wrap! next married at first sight Chicago.

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