Meme Coin Price Predictions As Market Recovers – WIF, BONK, SHIB

The crypto market has bounced back nicely over the past two days, with Bitcoin bouncing from a low of $56,000 to close to $64,000 at current prices. This positive momentum has impacted various sectors including the meme coin sector.

Top meme coins like WIF are up 22%, while other leading memes like SHIB are up 11%, and BONK is up 9% in the last 24 hours.

The price of meme coin king DOGE has also increased by more than 20% today.

As overall market sentiment improves, investors are closely monitoring the price movements and predictions of these popular meme cryptocurrencies. Let’s look at the analysis and projections from crypto analysts and experts.

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Source: coinmarketcap/memes

WIF Price Prediction

According to the 99bitcoins YouTube channel, which has over 700,000 subscribers, WIF (also known as dogwithhat) shows promising signs of continued growth. The channel said:

“We can see in terms of market cap, we are currently sitting at $3.1 billion, which is in the top 37 out of the 10,000 active cryptocurrencies. In terms of volume, we are at number 18, which is very good. And then, on the week too, looks pretty good, up 17%.”

The channel further noted that despite April’s slowdown, WIF looks set for bullish momentum in May, with technical indicators such as moving averages giving strong buy signals.

“People want to load up on very, very exciting things on DogWithHat again. This is a meme coin which is so eccentric, everyone likes this coin,” The channel added.

While WIF is down 12% on the monthly charts, it is up a staggering 1,600% over the past six months. Analysts estimate that WIF prices could potentially reach between $5 and $10 in May, highlighting the meme coin’s growing popularity and bullish sentiment.

bonk price prediction

YouTuber Jacob Burry with 38,000 subscribers shared his technical analysis and price prediction for BONK. He explained his strategy of setting alerts at lower Relative Strength Index (RSI) levels to identify potential buying opportunities.

“So, to look at the technical analysis side of Bonk, um, to replicate my kind of strategy here with meme coins, I set alerts on lower RSI areas. So, for example, when Bonk hit the daily Scored 33 points on the Relative Strength Index on the range, um, what it actually did, as you can see here, it presented a buying opportunity.

Bury highlighted the importance of monitoring RSI levels, suggesting buying when the RSI falls below 40 and selling when it rises above 80 during a bullish market.

Looking ahead, Bury believes BONK could experience another significant rise over the next three to six months, potentially reaching the $0.00006 area, representing a 2x opportunity from current levels Is.

“I think this is possible due to the low market C and the amount of growth still remaining for the crypto space. I don’t think we’re near the end at all in these crypto markets, and Bonk has just shown a great deal of growth,” Bury said.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price Prediction

Focusing on the popular Shiba Inu (SHIB) meme coin, Bury acknowledged the recent market downturn but expressed optimism for SHIB’s future growth.

“It’s been a very bad start to May in the crypto space overall, but I’d like to see Sheba grow even more. We’re starting to see DOGE up, Pepe up, um, you’ve even got BONK up, some meme coins starting to shine once again, and overall, you can’t really argue with the day’s performance. Can.

Bury highlighted the increasing burn rate of SHIB tokens, with an increase of 500% in the last 24 hours, indicating that a large number of tokens have been removed from circulation.

He also mentioned the massive burn of whales, including the recent 14.9 million token burn and the 35.8 billion token burn a few days ago.

From a technical perspective, Bury employs the RSI strategy, aiming to buy when the indicator drops below 30, as these levels have historically presented favorable buying opportunities for SHIB.

“So actually it looks absolutely fine; It doesn’t look too bad. So Sheene has a big, big pump from this level. We can see that there is a lot of support at this dead on at the 0.00002 area, and since then, if you bought there, you are currently up by a nice 15%.

Bury suggests that if SHIB can retest the $0.00000028 level, it could form a double bottom bullish reversal pattern, potentially starting a sustained upside move for the meme coin.

99Bitcoins channel and analyst Jacob Burry both highlight the potential for returns from newly emerged meme coin launches dogverse And dampnessProjects that according to their analysis could see substantial gains in the coming weeks.