Meri Brown Wants A ‘Sister Wives’ Spin-Off: Let’s Find Me Love!

While a spin-off sister Wives It has been talked about for quite some time, with Meri Brown being the first of Kody’s ex-wives to bring up the idea of ​​using reality TV to find love!

In a recent interview, Meri spilled the dirt on everything from her Relationship with other Brown wives For filming Season 19 of TLC staples.

She is ready to return to the show once again, but she is also looking towards the future. And, in her future, she is looking for a successful man. HistoryThe continued growth of her bed and breakfast, and maybe her own show!

kody and meri brown split screen
Meri Brown is finally free from Kody Brown’s control. What will she do with her freedom? (TLC)

The ‘Sister Wives’ spin-off focuses on my story of looking for love

Meri hasn’t dated much since her split from Kody in 2022. The infamous catfishing scandal and her brief relationship with A Boy Named Amos,

But the truth is that Mary hasn’t had real companionship with a man in a long time. The thing is, she really wants to change that.

Speaking with Rachel Uchitel on her podcast Miss Understood, Meri revealed what she’s looking for in her next partner.

She added, “Someone who is real and authentic and kind and knows what they’re doing in their life.” Of course that’s a pretty simple criteria, but then she added that she was looking for someone who “matches their energy.”

“I’m a big person. I’m juggling a lot of things,” she said, adding that the right man would know how to support her “emotionally” as she moves on to the next chapter of her life.

Rachel wondered how Meri meets men and jokingly asked if any boyfriends come to the bed and breakfast to woo her. When Meri laughed it off, Rachel came up with the idea of ​​making a “whole show” about her love life. Meri loved the idea.

“That could totally happen,” Meri said, adding that it would be a “fun show … like, speed dating!”

David Woolley on Sister WivesDavid Woolley on Sister Wives
David Woolley sits with Christine Brown in this scene from Sister Wives. (TLC)

The show’s first spin-off was a success

Honestly, giving Mary her own show wouldn’t be a bad idea. Look how well that worked out for Christine!

After Christine left Kody, she fell in love with her now-husband, David Woolley. Their romance happened mostly off camera, but their marriage was filmed from start to finish!

TLC greenlisted a two-part spinoff showing all the preparations leading up to the couple’s wedding on October 7, 2023 in Moab, Utah.

The show became very popular among the audience and several actors appeared in cameo roles. Janelewho were a big part of Christine’s special day, and Kody and Robyn, who sent a taped message because they weren’t invited.

Mary did not come nor was she invited to the wedding. Looks like some bridges still need to be mended.

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Janelle Brown bonds during ‘Cooking With Christine.’ (TLC)

Will Janelle and Christine be paired up now?

Now, if Meri gets her own show, it would only be fair to extend the same courtesy to the other wives who have left Coyote Pass and Kody behind. Right?

Well, ever since Christine’s wedding, there has been a rumor going around that both friends and exes sister Wives He will get his own show.

However, TLC has not confirmed anything yet. Perhaps the powers that be are waiting to see how the next season plays out first. If all but one of Kody’s wives are filmed together, there may not be a need for another show.