Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2024: 13 of the Best Gift Ideas for Every Mom

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2024

Mother’s Day 2024 is on Sunday, May 12, which means this holiday is coming soon! From the best candle I’ve lit recently to loungewear that feels like a gentle breeze on the skin, here are my picks for 2024 Mother’s Day Gift Guide, I’ve also added a few things to my wish list – hints, hints for the people in my life!

These are my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2024…

1. Follan Candle #2

Follan Candle #2Follan Candle #2
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I had recently this candle burn in my kitchen And the entrance and it felt like a little trip to the spa. It’s a nice little pick-me-up that would make a perfect gift. The pot is beautiful and keeps burning for a long time.

2. gardening gift card

Terrain Gift CardTerrain Gift Card


All I want for Mother’s Day are plants my garden-And to look beautiful while gardening. the areas is a great place to Shop for gardening essentials online, Your local nursery is sure to have beautiful items too – and by doing so, you’re supporting a local business. is my favorite Toncadell,

3. Wit and Delight Striped Spiral Notepad

Wit and Delight Spiral NotepadWit and Delight Spiral Notepad


our popular spiral notepad It’s a colorful start this month at Anthropologie! They are great to keep on a desk or in the kitchen for writing notes.

4. J.Crew Knitted Straw Tote

J.Crew Tote BagJ.Crew Tote Bag

,118 is currently on sale for $85

A carry all luggage A classic woven material stands the test of time and will be used year after year.

5. L’Occitane Shea Nourishing Trio Set

L'Occitane Gift SetL'Occitane Gift Set


My skin remains dry and of high quality all year round Hand cream from L’Occitane Always a welcome gift.

6. Roxanne Assoulin Heart Necklace

Roxanne Assoulin Heart NecklaceRoxanne Assoulin Heart Necklace


this is very big statement necklace They can be worn proudly with a simple white tee or your favorite outfit.

7. Merit Summer Set

merit summer setmerit summer set


Merit Makeup is a dream for fuss-free beauty lovers. summer set This is a great gift for the upcoming warmer months, designed for glowing skin that doesn’t look shiny.

8. another feather plate ring

another feather plate ringanother feather plate ring


I love an heirloom piece that is understated yet still special and easy to wear everyday. Another Feather specializes in that kind of jewelry. Any of their pieces would make a great gift, with my personal favorite being plate ring, Vase And urn necklace, and drama earrings,

9. fortune frame

fortune framefortune frame


a small structure To keep their favorite fortune cookie message? I think what a cute gift idea this is! I want one.

10. Bertie Red-Handled Italian Kitchen Knife

Bertie Red-Handled Italian Kitchen KnifeBertie Red-Handled Italian Kitchen Knife


If the mom in your life loves to cook, good knives make the task a wonderfully mindful process. Handmade in Italy since 1895, this bertie knife Are incredibly high quality and would make a wonderful gift.

11. Negative Underwear Whipped Track Pants and Henley

negative underwear whipped collectionnegative underwear whipped collection

$185 and $125

Whipped Collection Feels like wearing nothing! The material is very soft and supple. Any piece from this collection would make a great gift for someone who loves to curl up in their comfort at the end of the workday or linger in it for long weekend afternoons.

12. Anthropologie Wine Glass

Anthropologie Wine GlassAnthropologie Wine Glass

,72 is currently on sale for $57

these wine glasses Are fun and festive and make a great gift for the mom who loves to entertain.

13. Pascal Oval Bubble Diamond Watch

Pascal Oval Bubble Diamond WatchPascal Oval Bubble Diamond Watch


a lovely watch That’s at the top of my wish list.

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