National Security Memorandum on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience – United States Department of State

This week, the White House issued National Security Memorandum 22 (NSM-22) to protect and enhance the resiliency of U.S. critical infrastructure from all threats for future generations. This is an important effort to strengthen and modernize US risk management, including through engagement with international partners and allies.

The White House launched this whole-of-government effort to protect the President’s investments in American infrastructure in the face of threats from our adversaries, a changing climate, strategic competition, and supply chain shocks. This modernization effort requires public-private collaboration, which also reaffirms the commitment to provide minimum security and resilience standards for each critical infrastructure sector.

The Bureau of Counterterrorism leads the Department’s overall government effort to combat terrorism abroad and secure the United States against foreign terrorist threats. The State Department is working to advance the NSM’s objectives through ongoing engagement, collaboration, and capacity building efforts with foreign governments and international organizations to strengthen the security and resilience of critical infrastructure globally.

White House announcement

National Security Memorandum on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience

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