‘NCIS’ Cast Tease ‘Intense’ Season 21 Finale (Exclusive)

NCIS Season 21 is starting with a bang!

after completing 1000 episodes franchise earlier this year, the cast of the Mothership show says not to miss the upcoming finale as it could bring some big changes for a long time. NCIS fan. Speaking with ET’s Kevin Frazier at the CBS Fall Schedule Celebration on Thursday, the show’s six main stars revealed what they can — which is very little — about what to expect from the “intense” finale.

“I will say this, the finale should not be missed. There’s some intense stuff, and when I say intense, I mean intense, like it’s stuff we haven’t hit in a long time, as far as It’s a matter of life and death that is occurring within this episode,” said Brian DietzenWho has played the role of Dr. Jimmy Palmer since the show’s debut in 2003.

The Alden Park actor responded, “It’s unbelievable that you said nothing and said so much.” gary cole,

His co-star, Katrina Law — who joined the show as Jessica Knight in Season 18 — said the May 6 finale will not only be one that will keep fans on the edge of their seats, but that it will “make for an interesting next season.”

Rocky Carroll, Dionna Reasonover, Sean Murray, Katrina Law, Brian Dietzen and Gary Cole from ‘NCIS’ join CBS New Fall Schedule Celebration. , getty images

“I will say that there is a lot of soul-searching during this episode. It’s one of my favorite episodes that I’ve read all season, in fact the entire time I’ve been on it NCIS,” said Law, 38. “There are going to be some fundamental changes to our characters.”

According to an episode description, the tenth and final episode of season 21 will feature Law’s character receiving a unique opportunity from NCIS director Leon Vance, played by Rocky Carroll, The 60-year-old actor also spoke to ET on Thursday and shared that this episode is a very special one for his character, who first appeared in Season 5.

“Without giving form, especially tonight, [my character] “I’ve had to make some very personal and some very professional decisions that can be life-changing,” Carroll said. All of these things could come to light in the season finale.

The actor – still mostly tight-lipped about his character’s future and finale – talked about a scene from episode seven, “A Thousand Yards”, which he filmed in a cemetery and about his character’s safety. I was concerned, as well as his own job security.

“We shot an episode where my character is standing in a cemetery and I went ahead in the script to make sure she left the cemetery,” he said of the writers keeping him ready after 16 seasons. “That’s what you do after so many years on the show.”

Rocky Carroll in ‘NCIS’ Season 21, Episode 7 , CBS via Getty Images

Although Carroll’s character may not be at death’s door this time, sean murray — who has dutifully played Agent Timothy McGee since Season 1 — has since said NCIS Known for killing off a character or two in the past, everyone is on the line.

“We got some agents in trouble. We had no trouble killing people,” said Murray, 46.

“Not me though, I’m too cute to kill,” joked diona reasonover, who plays Cassie Hines. “I hope so. I think I’ve read the script.”

Brian Dietzen as Jimmy Palmer, Gary Cole as Alden Parker, Katrina Law as Jessica Knight, and Wilmer Valderrama as Nicholas “Nick” Torres , CBS via Getty Images

comes after the interview NCIS: Hawaiicancellation of After three seasons on the air. Late last week, ET confirmed the show’s ending, as sources told deadline The upcoming finale was neither written nor intended to be the end of the show and will point towards potential Season 4 storylines.

The cast of the show including the star were the most shocked by the cancellation. vanessa lachey who shared his heart’s pain in one Instagram Stories Series Immediately after the news.

The 43-year-old man, “desperate, confused, blind.” love is blind the co-host wrote at the time.

Lachie – which appeared only recently special 1000th episode with other artists NCIS The show – later showed how their 9-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, tried to please her After cancellation.

“I’m trying to explain the news to my daughter… and she made Mickey ears for me so I could ‘smile’,” Lachey wrote. “This decision was bigger than a TV show.”

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