Nick Cannon Shares Heartfelt Tribute for Twins’ 13th Birthday

nick cannon Celebrating his eldest children.

On Tuesday, Monroe and Moroccan – the twins Canon shared with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey – turned 13 and he took to Instagram to mark the occasion.

The proud dad shared a photo with the new teens, with all three wearing shirts emblazoned with the twins’ nickname, “Rock and Roe.”

“Can’t believe that 13 years ago I got the greatest gift of all: becoming a father!!” Canon captioned his post. “God’s hand on the lives of two of the sweetest, kindest, most intelligent and balanced human beings I have ever known!”

“Thank you for teaching me to love every day and thank you for letting me be your dad!” He continued. “I’m going to get it right eventually, I promise!! Now let’s get back to the party! I love you Rock and Cry!! Happy Birthday!!!”

Carey also celebrated the big day by sharing a 360 video in which she was seen posing with her daughter.

“Start of the year’s birthday celebration!!” Carey captioned the clip before promising in the hashtag, “#RockyToBeFeaturedLater.”

While the twins are Carey’s only children, Canon has many other children, He shares Golden Age, 7, Powerful Queen, 3, and Risen Messiah, 1, with britney bell, Zion Mixolydian and zillion heirboth 3, and beautiful zeppelin, 1, with Abby De La Rosa; legendary love, 1, with bre tisi, Onyx Ice Cole, 1, with Laneisha Cole; halo, 1, with Alyssa Scott. Second son of Canon and Scott, jane, died of brain cancer At the age of 5 months in 2021.

Canon makes sure to spend time with all of his children, especially during holidays, When? ET spoke to media personalities Last May, he opened up about his hopes for his children.

He said, “Of all my kids, I think if they want to have fun, that’s OK, but it’s almost too easy.” “I want you to do something that’s challenging, go outside the box, so you can see effort and perseverance and those things, because they’re a Napo baby. There are advantages to a baby. You’re just like, ‘ ‘Oh, it’s natural.'”

That’s why, Cannon revealed, he likes to see his kids doing non-music related activities.

“That’s why I love watching my kids play sports, because it has nothing to do with anything. It’s literally how much you work, how hard you play, that’s how you Will be successful in that field.” He said. “They can learn all those good principles through having fun with their friends. I’m hoping to have some athletes. I’m hoping I can be a dad to support them. But, again, if “I don’t care whether they want to be accountants or horse riding.”

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