No Gatekeeping—These Are All the Mother’s Day Gifts We’re Shopping from Target

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There’s no better time than now to find gifts at Target. Take it from me, Target Circle Member card holder for over 10+ years (don’t be jealous). Mother’s Day is fast approaching and with the new Target Circle 360 ​​membership, you can get gifts delivered to your door the same day. So, for the Target ladies at home, we partnered with Target to put together a collection of the best last-minute Mother’s Day finds, so you can get them now.

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Ahead, discover 14 gifts to order for the moms in your life. And don’t care about me, just go ahead and deliver this nail kit and and this knitted hat For myself (Mom needs a little treat).

The best last-minute Mother’s Day gifts from Target

1. Knitted tote that looks more expensive than it is

natural woven summer tote

It’s a universal truth that every mom needs a new tote. It doesn’t matter if she just bought a tote, she still needs a tote. There’s always more to carry, more to take away, and even more places to take said stuff. This summer tote Doubles up as both a perfect gift and a best gift bag, Pack it with a few more targeted gifts and you’ll have a gift that can’t go wrong.

2. 2-Piece Frypan Set for an Easy Kitchen Update

We’re obsessed with Target’s new kitchen line, figmint, (just ask these nutrition bowls.) Cookware is as hardworking in the kitchen as it is aesthetic. Give the mom who loves to cook the gift of a kitchen renovation – and bring more joy to the everyday task of preparing meals.

3. The viral dress that looks good on everyone

Cinch Waist Target Dress

I know every mom who owns one this dress Love this dress very much. The cinched waist not only gives ample definition, but also creates a comfortable, easy, loose silhouette that can be worn anywhere.

4. Grandma’s New Go-To Mug

Go ahead, be proud of yourself (or your kids). The only thing grandmothers love most a cute mug—and it’s a close call—are the people who give it to him.

5. The cutest kit for DIY and gift

DIY Crochet Bag Kit Target

I gave my mom an embroidery kit some time ago and it’s a hit in my gift-giving stash. It gives her something to do with her hands besides scrolling at the end of the day, and she lets me know her progress every time I get home—it’s so sweet! Mondo Llama Is Leading The Resurgence Of Adult Craftiness And I Could Hardly Contain Them spring selection, But like I said before, every mom needs a new tote. Imagine his joy in making it – then bragging about it at the farmer’s market after it’s completed.

6. A catch-all bowl that will look good anywhere

ceramic carved bowl on coffee table

Target’s spring selection of home goods is unmatched. this bowl At the top of the list of “things she’ll enjoy but won’t buy herself”, that is, an instant winner.

7. The most attractive box to keep clutter away

Shagreen box with lid on furniture

Moms know—there are always those random things that can’t be put away but have to be kept out of sight. And This cute faux leather box To keep the clutter away? This will change his life.

8. An easy centerpiece for the table

Metal Wavy Bowl_Mother's Day Gift

There is something very charming about decorative bowls. It’s all there, it’s decoration, it’s new life in a boring place – magic, I tell you. it wavy gold bowl This is a lovely gift for any mom who knows her place is just missing that “something”, but can’t tell what it is. (This is this. This is this bowl.)

9. The cutest bakery case to hold all those goodies

Wooden Cake Stand with Glass Cloche

Café culture is going strong and it needs to be at the centre? A delightful cake stand, Whether she’s a bakery or buying things from a bakery, she’ll enjoy romanticizing her home with something much more beautiful than an old plastic food container.

10. The only neutral nail kit she’ll ever need

Olive and June neutrals on hand

I will never stop praising Olive & June’s long lasting, easy to apply product polish who comes in Best colour’s. My mother, two sisters and I take turns gifting each other nail polish and yes, this also Is Something we can buy for ourselves, yet still a gift every time we get home.

11. An essential self-care set for new moms

The Honest Company's New Mama Care Essential Set

New moms need a special kind of care, usually in the form of some time to rest and do anything that brings them back to themselves. this gift set It’s the perfect excuse to get away from Honest for a moment and give her body some love.

12. A small blanket to bring peace

Soothe anxiety and encourage relaxation this weighted pod- Like a blanket but smaller (and without any warmth). All she needs is 15 minutes in a quiet place with the NodePod and she’ll be back and ready for action.

13. A new water bottle she doesn’t need but needs

Girls on TikTok have named this oval glass There must be a next one—and we have to agree. The 24-ounce glass is easy to hold and carry, and the colors are spectacular. And yes, it fits in your cup holder.

14. A recipe journal to keep all your best secrets

Paper Recipe Journal Goals

There’s something special and nostalgic about a recipe journal. Give this to your mom or a friend who loves to cook and imagine these recipes being passed down for generations to come. (Also, I’m very excited to see this magazine From my favorite paper brand, Papier, now at Target!)

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