Nope! Not doing that – scary face your fears Quest 3 game Nope Challenge is getting uninstalled, fast

The Quest 3 is a fantastic piece of hardware and the wide variety of games and experiences you can get with it continues to grow. From traveling the world in Wander, to Daft Punk in Beat Saber to playing a relaxing game of mini-golf, you can do just about anything and if you need any points you can check out what we think . best things To reach Quest 3.

Now, we’ve had horror games before in Quest that provided plenty of VR jump scares, but I don’t remember any that threw terrifying clowns and giant spiders at you. And now we have one, I don’t want it!

The premise behind the recently released Noop Challenge is simple. Face 40 phobias, heights and bugs crawling on you and the clowns above, and survive as long as you can. If it becomes too much, press the NOPE button and immediately get into the calling breath space, where you can overcome it and get your heart rate back down.

As much as I want to go down in history as the first person to die in VR, and I’m not the least bit afraid of clowns in circuses for example. However, when they come out of the dark and jump at you, I’m afraid of nothing.

no challenge is a clever concept that makes the most of virtual reality to put you in situations that you may find uncomfortable, potentially allowing you to learn to overcome your fears and phobias, if not completely. , so maybe a little bit.

If it all gets too much the nope button is on your left wrist and you can activate it and be instantly in a good spot, whereas the dollop with the kitchen knife a few seconds ago was starting to give you a little stress.

The Noop Challenge is available now from the Quest Store for £14.99.