Olivia Culpo Dissolves Lips Before Wedding to Christian McCaffrey

olivia culpo Talking openly about her lips and marriage suggestions.

Last month, the model and former pageant winner didn’t hesitate to address what cosmetic work He did this to his face. Now, when it comes to revealing how she’s preparing for her wedding to San Francisco 49ers Christian McCaffrey, she’s not holding back.

traditional wedding planning Preparations may be in full swing for Kalpo, but preparations for her cosmetic wedding are also going on at an equally fast pace. Culpo, 31, wants to look her best when she visits her 27-year-old fiancé.

But Instagram25th part of Kalpo and counting “Wedding Preparations” HighlightsWhich started from November 1, 2023.

The latest thing the actress and influencer has done before her big day is get her lip fillers cleared out, which she revealed on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

Olivia Culpo dissolves lip fillers , Olivia Culpo/Instagram

“Last week my lips were busted,” she wrote in response to a quiz with her 5.4 million followers. “Look at my first ones! I’m really happy with the way they look now. Debating a refill but maybe keep it that way for the wedding.”

She shared a photo of herself before and after her lip amputation to show the difference. She also included a survey where users could vote “fill in” or “keep natural” to help her decide what to do for her wedding.

Culpo’s “Wedding Prep” highlights reveal other cosmetic wedding preparations, including an intensive beauty and skin care regimen. These include lash lifts, red light therapy and salmon sperm facials.

Olivia Culpo gets a salmon sperm facial , Olivia Culpo/Instagram

When Culpo was asked about her wedding glow plan, she listed cold plunges, saunas, celery juice, working out, and more.

In recent GRWM TIC Toc, Culpo said she has had Botox injections and fillers, but has “never had plastic surgery.” However, she “will not judge anyone”.

Culpo and McCaffrey have been engaged From April 2023, so we can only wait to see what the over-a-year-long glow will look like for the bride-to-be.

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