Outdoor adventure films abound at 5Point Film Festival

Audiences watch a ski film at the recent 5Point Film Festival. The event, now in its 17th year, will be held April 24-28 in Carbondale.

In 2007, Climbing Magazine founder Julie Kennedy started a nightly event featuring adventure films in Carbondale. Taking inspiration from a climbing word, they called it 5Point Adventure Film Festival.

What was once an indoor event now spans five days and is one of the most respected outdoor, mountain and adventure film festivals in the world. The 17th annual event begins on Wednesday and continues through Sunday.

Guided by five principles – commitment, respect, humility, purpose and balance – 5point seeks to build community and inspire change through visual storytelling, engaging dialogue and acting as a beacon for global leadership.

“The festival is a way to bring the community together around outdoor activities and champion documentary films that entertain, inspire, connect and educate people about their environment and the outdoors,” said Festival Executive Director Louis Yellens. “

Film subjects range from skiing to mountain climbing, surfing to fishing, skateboarding to running and more. 5Point, which features documentary short films less than an hour long, receives approximately 400 submissions, and only over 40 will be shown at the festival. Yellens said one of the most unique features of the festival is that it is known as a festival for filmmakers.

“Our identity as a film festival is to help filmmakers, offering the best venues to showcase their films, offering grants and supporting them through our filmmaker-specific programming at the festival ,” Ylens said. “We give $50,000 in grants every year to filmmakers. Many of the films we have financed have screened at other prestigious festivals and this is a true testament to our support towards filmmakers.”

Yelen’s goal in programming the festival is to create a program that is interactive; Those present take part in the proceedings.

“It’s not just people sitting there watching movies,” Yellens said. “You get a chance to be a part of quizzes, panel discussions, workshops, we have 5K races on Saturday mornings, we have concerts. It is an intense experience.”

One of the notable Q&As will take place Friday at 11 a.m. at El Dorado Bar & Lounge, where New York Times bestselling author Jedediah Jenkins will read from his new book, “Mother, Nature.”

Jenkins is the festival’s special guest. He will play several roles during the weekend, including serving as host for Wednesday’s opening-night community screening at the Crystal Theater at 7 p.m.

Thursday at 5 p.m., the festival is sponsoring an art exhibit at The Launchpad in Carbondale, featuring works by renowned adventurer and filmmaker Renan Ozturk and artist and surfer Tre’Lan Michael, both of whom have films in this year’s festival. . At the Recreation Center, local artist Lara Whitley will premiere an on-site installation and festival artist Hugh McCormick will showcase his unique visual style through a site-specific outdoor scene diorama. The center’s Thursday film screenings begin at 7 p.m.

On Friday, in addition to Jenkins’ reading at El Dorado at 11 a.m., a program featuring films by students at Roaring Fork Valley begins at the recreation center at 1 p.m.; A panel discussion on issues facing the outdoor and adventure film industries takes place at 3 pm at El Dorado (free to the public); And Friday’s film program takes place at the Carbondale Recreation Center at 7 p.m.

The festival is in full swing on Saturday. The events start at 8 am and continue till midnight. Many of these events are free.

“We try to offer some free programs that can reach as many people as possible,” Yellens said. We want this to be a community event. ,

At 8 a.m., 5Point presents the second annual 5Point 5K Independence Run and Hike. The race starts and ends at Independence Run & Hike, 901 Highway 133 in Carbondale.

At 10 a.m., a program will feature professional rock climber and personality Timmy O’Neil as host. Filmmaker Ben Knight’s new work, “Mirasol,” will be screened.

A central part of 5Point’s mission is to nurture and support the next generation of adventure filmmakers. With that goal in mind, for the third year in a row, the festival will feature Steve Guiter presenting “The Adventure Filmmakers’ Pitch”, in which five finalists will present a film project to a juried panel, with the winner taking home $15,000. film and a place at the 2025 festival. This “Shark Tank” style event is free and open to the public.

5Point presents a free screening of festival films at Carbondale’s Crystal Theater at 3 p.m. Four adventure entries and the world premiere of two festival films, “Designed by Disaster” and “Moving Mountains,” are available soon.

Fitz Cahall is the host of an outdoor-oriented podcast called “The Dirtbag Diaries” which is a collaboration between writers, photographers, influencers, and artists. He will record his podcast live in El Dorado on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

Saturday concluded with a party at El Dorado with Austin, Texas band Rattlesnake Milk.

On Sunday, the festival presents “5 Points Family Day”, featuring a family-friendly film program beginning at noon in the recreation center followed by a free ice cream social. Sundae Artisan Ice Cream will debut a special flavor, “5Point Rocky Mountain Adventure.” The Film Program and Ice Cream Social is a “pay what you can” program and is free for children 12 and under.

Asked what the major theme of this year’s celebration is, Yellens said, “I would say the theme is not to take what we have for granted, and to do what we can to protect it. Do that.”