Pokemon Go’s latest bug brings hilariously large trainer feet to the game

Glitches and bugs are nothing new, certainly for live service video games like pokemon go, But the bigger the game, the bigger the reaction when things go wrong, and Niantic’s mobile smash hit is no exception.

Players are facing the latest problems in the ever-popular AR. mobile game Are the character and Pokemon models both not the right size, and not even in the place they should be. The most ridiculous thing when it comes to this glitch is that the giant feet take up almost the entire in-game screen.

These avatars are getting out of control!
Byu/refreshop Inpokemongo

This image of Godzilla-esque Pokemon trailer footage from RefreshOP is becoming a prime example on Reddit of when avatar models go wrong. Imagine taking them into a battle – it would be the most confusing and strange encounter ever…

Some Reddit users have found the funny side of these bugs, even if they make progress difficult. User Aaegis39 responded to the image, saying that the game “isn’t Pokemon anymore, it is.” attack on Titan!”, another user suggested that they “must have missed the avatar announcement.” Dynamax Now”.

What causes these errors is currently unknown. However, the game has recently received “Rediscovery” update in which the incarnation was provided to the creator an overhaulThis new code, including various new styling options, may cause some conflicts. Interestingly, the above image of the error removes an avatar’s shoes completely, something that cannot be done by the user, so this again could point to new options wreaking havoc elsewhere.

When these issues will be resolved is completely up in the air. But, with Pokémon GO still getting Niantic’s attention for the most part, we expect it to happen sooner rather than later. Hopefully this will be over soon so you can focus on catching Pokemon and not trying to avoid getting stomped by the biggest feet that have ever existed.