Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks Celebrate 36th Wedding Anniversary

Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson There is so much to celebrate!

The couple got married on Tuesday 36th wedding anniversary With a series of sweet tributes.

“1988? April 30th? Big time. Wilson and Hanks become wife and husband. 36 years! Nothing but love since then…Hanks,” the Oscar-winning actor captioned a selfie of himself and Wilson on a boat Wrote with. ,

for his tribute asteroid city The actress used a series of lovely photos to showcase her love with her leading man.

“36th Anniversary! April 30, 1988. ‘Grow old with me; the best is yet to come.’ -Robert Browning,” the “Throw Me a Party” singer captioned the post.

Wilson’s carousel of photos included a photo of him and Hanks dancing while looking into the camera and was followed by a series of travel selfies, photos of moments in the studio, and a silly photo of them laughing in the car. Ended up with.

Wilson, 67, and Hanks first met on the set of the series in 1981 friend friend, Together, The couple are parents to sons Truman, 28, and Chet, 33. Hanks is father to Elizabeth, 41, and Colin, 46, from his first marriage.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary. , Fraser Harrison/Getty Images

Above The continuation of their decades-long romanceHanks and Wilson have worked together on screen and behind the scenes in films. This couple also stayed together Wilson’s 2015 breast cancer diagnosis,

In January 2023, Hanks and Wilson reveal what to expect from their 35th wedding anniversary celebration –after marking her 30th milestone with a huge party.

“He’s coming! He’s coming, yes,” Forrest Gump “That was something,” the star said with a smile before reminiscing about the pair’s explosive 30th anniversary.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tied the knot in 1988. , Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Hanks said, “You know, it’s funny, it seems like it was last year. But things move so fast.” “But it was such a great party that people who weren’t at that party claimed to be at that party. What a great party it was.”

When speaking to ET, Wilson remained mum about the potential celebration.

Asked about any big plans, Wilson said with a smile, “It’s a big secret.”

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