Ryan Gosling Sends Message to Ryan Reynolds After ‘Deadpool 3’ Shirt

Ryan Gosling There is a request for Ryan Reynolds,

ET’s Denny Directo spoke to former Ryan during the premiere fall boy in Hollywood on Tuesday, and he recently reacted to wearing a shirt with another Ryan’s face on it deadpool and wolverine Eve teaser,

“I mean, I just want my shirt back,” Gosling, 43, tells ET. “He borrowed that shirt from me and I want it back.”

While Gosling waits for Reynolds, 47, to put his shirt back on, he’s been busy promoting fall boyThe film he acted in emily blunt,

In his interview with ET, Gosling admitted that his wife, Eva MendesHe was worried about the stunts of his latest film, in which he plays a stuntman.

“We have the best team ever,” he said of the action comedy’s team. “They are the best in the business and I trusted them completely. I put on sunglasses at once so I could hide the terrible fear in my eyes. I couldn’t act.”

Ryan Gosling at the premiere of ‘The Fall Guy’; , Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

Amid Gosling’s ongoing press tour for his latest project, the actor paid tribute to his longtime partner Wearing a cream T-shirt emblazoned with the title of Mendes’ upcoming children’s book: Desi, aunt, and never-ending worries,

,Desi, aunt and never ending worries This is a love letter to me and your children,” the actress previously told People, “Learning to train your brain to work for us, not against us, is easier said than done! At my house and at Desi, we deal with those never-ending worries and troubles. Let’s try to not take over and dominate, which we all have, so those negative thoughts go away.”

The book is inspired by Mendes’s own daughters, 9-year-old Esmeralda and 8-year-old Amada, with whom she shares barbie actor.

Mendes expressed her gratitude to Gosling for his unwavering support on Instagram, writing, “Feeling the love from my Cuban papi! And loving that beautiful mama-Emily Blunt! Love is in the air!”

Gosling also recently called Mendes His “hero” in an interview. with men’s Health,

“I often think about what will matter to me on my deathbed, what I did and what I didn’t do,” Gosling told the publication. “It puts things in perspective. It always comes down to family first. I don’t think I’ll regret anything professionally, but I think when it comes to Eva and the girls, they come first.” She is coming.”

fall boy Will be released in theaters on Friday, May 3.

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