Secretary Blinken’s Meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Fidan – United States Department of State

Foreign Minister Antony J. Blinken met with Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia today on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum. Secretary Blinken and Secretary of State Fidan discussed efforts to achieve an immediate ceasefire, which would ensure the release of hostages and help alleviate the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza. The Secretary stressed that Hamas’s refusal to accept the agreement is responsible for the continuation of the conflict, and urged that all efforts be made to persuade Hamas to accept the immediate ceasefire proposal on the table. The Secretary and the Foreign Minister also discussed ongoing efforts to ensure durable and lasting peace in the region, including the path to a Palestinian state with security guarantees for Israel. Secretary Blinken stressed the importance of preventing conflict from escalating in the Middle East.