Shemar Moore Praises ‘SWAT’ Season 8 for Weathering Change

Shemar Moore. Monica Schipper/Getty Images

shemar moore excited about this powerful hit Season 8 is around the corner.

54-year-old Moore talks exclusively us weekly At the CBS Fall Schedule Celebration on the Paramount Lot in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 2, joy was expressed over the return of previously canceled shows to the small screen.

Moore said We None of us expected an eighth season, but they certainly expected a season. “I can’t say I expected this,” he said. We, “It might be a little cocky, but I believed in it. I really did. And I knew it was, against all odds, but I don’t know – that’s what it’s been like my whole life.

Moore added, “My mother raised me that way.” “If they don’t beat you to death and make you kneel, it’s okay. But you get up. … I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in seven seasons. …They’ve cut our budget and we’ve made up for it. They moved us through the seasons to this night or that night or that time slot. We made it possible.”

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The actor said that at the beginning of the seventh season, he was ready to say goodbye to the smash-hit series so that fans “don’t want us to go.”

“We made them think, and the fans screamed, and the powers that be listened to them.” criminal mind Alum was added.

Moore, who plays the lead role of Sergeant II Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson powerful hitalso talked to We About how he sees his character evolving.

Shemar Moore says SWAT returned for Season 8 despite all odds

Shemar Moore in ‘SWAT’ Bill Inoshita/Sony Pictures Television/CBS

“I know he’s a family man,” Moore explained. “Now he has a wife and a little girl, who imitates the art life.” (Moore and his girlfriend, Jessiri Dizon, Share daughter Frankie, 15 months.)

However, Moore said he did not want powerful hit “To be a soap opera.”

“Were powerful hit – You know that theme song, man,” he said. “I want to continue that exciting journey. But I like it when we get on topic. I like it when we are grounded. We have great camaraderie and chemistry which you see in the show.

Moore said that playing a “superhero” on the show “is a cool thing.”

When Dijon, 40, was asked what it was like dating a superhero, she replied, “It’s fun. …He’s the same at home too. Not that serious but just like that – kind of fun. You know, [like a] Father!”

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Dizon explained that she gives Moore “ample space and time to sleep when she needs to” after long days on set.

“And chicken and rice!” Moore quipped. “She makes lousy chicken and rice.”

powerful hit It debuted in 2017 and tracks Harrelson and his team of tough cops battling crime in Los Angeles. The eighth season is scheduled to air this fall with 22 episodes. This renewal is unexpected considering CBS’ pre-announcement That season 7 will mark the finale of the show.

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